Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Why dont i just do a budget, i thought?

Yeah right!!

I´d have about as much luck enforcinig a budget on myself as the Americans would have enforcing Domocracy on Iraq, i already pulled out, now the world waits for Obama to to the same.

The Vegans were telling me they are travelling on a budget of 12k pesos a day fo both of them, maybe 15 Euro a day, i spent 14k in the supermarket this morning. Maybe i could stretch out this travelling ´Buzz´ a itand not my waist line and other lines i could think of, a lyric of Johnny Cash´s comes to mind.

Aint nothin´ to it but to do it.

Went to the national park Fray Jorge (Fryer Monk George). Very like bushwalking in OZ, but next to the coast, with fog, hot and cold air in the mix, you get fog.

I´m also reading Into the heart of darkness, interesting english was the novelest´s 3rd language.

The darkness was the shadow of the whiteman in Africa. What an interesting concept.

There´s gotta be a Jedi joke in there somewhere, but i cant see it :)

Timing they say is everything, and the time now is wine and reading in the sun. Beautiful evenings here, my biggest problem is a lab puppie i christened ´Sandy´ licking my toes (i think she has good taste....bitches)

You give a dog in South America milk and your friends for life, Mexico too, but that´s North America, this is how well travelled i am, i now know the difference, joy to the world, this will go down as an important moment.

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