Saturday, 28 February 2009

Happy birthday to me.................

So i got up early on the 2nd of March, my birthday to be exact, ended up coming home 2 days later. Met a Finish couple in Route 36, they came back to my hostel along with everyone else for the after party, then we went back to Route 36, then back to the hostel then back to Route 36.

The madman Tadgh from Cork when i left him last had to go back as he left his passport there, he made his money from selling drugs in Limerick, he told me how 1 night he got high and drove to a party in a tractor and overturned it, among other stories, a madman indeed.

When i left Tadgh, he came into my dorm, got into a top bunk, told me his brain was running at 5%, i´m packing up, i drop all the stuff in my bag (i ticking over at 50%), he asks me if i´m going to make any more noise.

All this from a guy that checked out after 1 night, because he couldn´t bring his own drink into the hostel, and never checked in again! All would be well and good until a baby bear would see Tadgh, and someone´s been sleeping............

More about the Tadgh, they wanted to charge him 300 Bolivians for a bottle of rum, so he goes out and buys a bottle for 12B and comes back in with it in his hoodie, mixed with Pepsi.

We were in a bar called Ran Bams and he robbed a bottle of some banana liquor, for a laugh. His attitude was if i go to jail, i go to jail. He has a tattoo on his arm that symbolizes ´Perspective´, i told him writing a blog is a good way to gain perspective, but no, he wants to stick to his tattoo, and he´s lazy, and he likes taking drugs, fair enough.

Dutch girl Nikita, painting me up



Death metal needs a song about Death Road!!!

Photos are from Oruru, carnival

But tell us how was Death road Kieran, I heard a South African bang on about how La Paz wasn´t working for her and how she felt hos La Paz failed her and she wanted top get out, i wanted to get out too, but not for those reasons.

Anyways, all she did was sit on her arse, so i told he to get off her arse and do the death road tour and it would be the best thing she ever did.

Well do you know she did go on the tour, i got my T-shirt, so i´m still alive, or just barely, had a good night´s sleep the last 2 nights, so i´m gettin the normal life i so desire.

We drove back up the death road in the Mini van, so i got the tour twice, grat day.

The South African had a terrible time on the death road, she fell off of her bike, booh hoo, South Africa, all she had to do was have a good time, well i guess thats gratitude for yea!!

To sum up a great movie ´What we got here is a failure to communicate.......i dont like it anymore than you do´

I´ve been neglecting my photo uploads, got lots of stuff to upload, maybe hanging around in La Paz might be a good thing after all, after all, life is good and i´m doing it for the fans, that means you, so click on the ads and i can do it for the $$$ too, financial people call it a revenue stream, i do it for the $$$, i love the dough more than you know..........

So i was chatting with people at the bar, it´s 1 am and i says to myself. I might as well go to bed. After partying for 2 daze straight, it was a good decision, too much fun is no fun.

Met an english chick through another english chich (actually it was Siara, Indian-English, 5"6, Braham cast and likes having a Giraffe), the first english was going to come with me to the animal sanctuary, but she bailed, actually i was having too much a good time to sleep (sleep is for Jewish people and people with nervous twiches)
Of 9 days in the wildrover, i had 2 days of straight partying straight twice, that some stamina training for yea!!

Saw the local version of wrestling, it was a poor (Bolivian) cousin to the Luche Libre in _Mexico, i´m glad i still have all those memories (as long as i dont smoke pot i should be fine) in me head.

One of the mexican chants for for a wrestler in Orange was ´La punta en Naranha´, the hooker in orange, quality.

I just can´t stop dancing Ted!!!!

All the photos are from Sucre

So by Monday my arm is completly wrecked, it´s time to go to La Paz, but before i went, the night before myself and English Jim (that i couldn´t find on Facebook, but he does exist, this much i know) we were outside the only decent retaurant in town throwing our last water ballons, then we go in and up the stairs, just as we are going up a guy appears at the door, jumping up and down, banging at the door.

I´m like ´What the fuck is wrong with him´, Jim says i hit his stall, it might have been very insensitive, but how we laughed!!

When i arrived in La Paz, i had grown from 10 to almost 32, nearly. Now i think throwing all them water balloons was immature and childish and lots of other words that describe me, so well, oh well.

Checked into the wild roverhostel, i was told the place was a trap, after just partying just 1 night, i believe it, time to get out of here and away from people like me.

So now it´s Friday and i´m making a great effort to do the Couch Surfing thing, at leasat i tried.

Ireland V England tomorrow in the rugby (Ireland won 15-14), Wrestling Sunday, and my birthday Monday.

When will the prison tour go on, a wall fell down in the prison due to rain, walls will do that, maybe the wall was tired, drunk maybe? The prison i´m told always closes now and again for a few days, maybe i will have to wait.

Brad Pitt (he´s such a dream boat) has bought the rights to the movie.

I have a few couch surfers to meet and hopefully i´m going to party, but not like Mexico....hopefully!!!

Great drinking game instructions

Another day in the life of a fool

Swiss guys birthday in Sucre

Writing, writing, writing more writing than reading, not a bad thing, at least i´m capturing something, not sure what that is, but let us continue..

Birthday back shot

I threw a waterbomb in Oruru at a bunch of gringos, hey Presto, Wez from Halifax sticks his head up, so we go up the street for a beer + waterbombs (no better combination if you ask me), so we are throwing so many a loacl shop boards up it´s windows (with steel), and there is a guy on rollerblades, Wez ambushes him when he comes out of the shop. Mr rollerblade later gets me, all was fair in this war, the only love was the love of headshots, and there was many

So later that we (a bunch of tourists) are in the tower bar (a bar on top of the highest building in town), i go down to the street to check out the DJ, and as per everywhere i go, i know people there, not in Cork, never in Cork.

The Belgium guy and Nikita take a drink of a freshly opened can of beer from some guys pushing them away from their friends saying ´Fiesta, fiesta, fiesta!!´, well before they know it, they are fucked up (this is Kieran medical talk, i watch Dr House you know), the Belgium guy´s camera was gone. The girls spend the next hour and a half trying to get the Belgium guy home and ended up leaving him. He´s accusing guys for stealing his camera, never a good thing, never a hood thing.

He lost hia USB the week before then his camera is stolen, when i see him he is crying, i tell him to start writing his stories, no good, pictures are better that stories to some people, he´s a mess + goes out later his wallet and key are stolen.

One of the girls had a theory about the Belgium guy and it is that he is so tall he hasn´t a clue about whats going on down below.

The guy Wez left the bar with a guy singing Boca songs and jumping up and down, so he has 100 Bolivianos (15 Euro) and he´s off to get coke and ends up in a brothel and has an intimate relationship with a girl, no coke, meets another girl in a restaurant, he´s kissing her, she calls her friends, they go for a ride, they open a beer, next thing he knows he wakes up 2 miles from the town without his shoes, on a waste land and some locals are telling him ´Peligroso´ Dangerous and ´Siale´ Get out of here.

You live here if you are a miner in Potosi

But the funny thing was you wouldn´t have known what happened to him as he was in great form later when i saw him, Mr Belgiun, not so.

Eric (an american) and Wez were roasting sluts as Wez put it later in their dorm, at the same time of course, Wez turns to Eric aand says come on America, it would have been funny to see.

Video blogging is the new word and picture story (part 2)

Salt flats Atakama desert

Kieran catches a frisbee in the salt flats

San Francisco makes a grab from the heavens

Small time lovers come to the end of the trip in the Atakama

Atakama love to the rescue

Enough for yea?

Video blogs are all the rage too, yea know!!

Driving up to illegal salt hotel in the Atakama desert

Driving up to salt flats Ataskama desert

Kieran has sand in his ears in the Salt hotel

Kids play after dinner in Salt hotel Atakama

Monday, 23 February 2009

I took the heat to the street, it was a war!!!!

The French guy, Alex told me about Alister Crowley, so why don´t you have a read?

I made the mistake of throwing a water baloon at a bunch of kids with supersoakers, big mistake, I got soaked, one of them (thugs/kids) diarmed me, pulling my water balloons to the ground, they were shooting fish in a barel, did i say big mistake. Then i switched tactics, guerrilla tactics, throw and pretend i was buying something walking down the main parade.

People were sitting on the stands with their super soakers, i got a few of them, one chick was using her umbrella as protection, got it 3 times.

So i ended up sleeping on the floor at the hotel with the Dutch chicks, one of their comments about the blog is that none of the pictures match the stories, and this proud tradition is continuing here, one day i will get it right and give the audience what they want, but what do they need, probably vegeterian recipes, and for me to spell check more often!

So i hope you weren´t reading the picture about the desert and missing the story about the waterfights, because there aren´t much waterfights in the desert, and it was the dryest desert in the world, but if enough people threw a few water ballons, you could turn that desert into a swamp, but it think i´ll leave that to mother nature, pacha mamma and all that alochol she consumes.

Finished reading Eva Luna, not to ruin the plot, but her mother made ´Love´ to a dying Indian man and 9 months later, hey presto, and she likes to tell stories too, good chick read.

Got my arm painted, now i have my nails painted, whats left to paint? Already did my hair, but that was years ago, maybe it´s time again!!!

I threw a water bomb at a bunch of gringos, who sticks his head up in the bunch, Wez from Halifax England, but could be living in Halifax in Canada, it´s much nicer i hear!
And a water fight civil war kicked off...................

Thursday, 19 February 2009

I like driving in Land Cruiser!!!!!

Driving in the Atakama desert

The last day Martina + I (because it is good grammer) went to take on some kids at the top of the park, we did this a few times, one time while she is trying to give me a water balloon, 20 balloons from every direstion is coming at us, i´m ducking, she is getting hit like a duck, a sitting one, hard too, duck hunting season was on, i was doing impressions of a Flamingo (these are protected), i was ok, maybe it was all the Ninga training i did?

The Irish couple told me when i left the Joy ride bar, we´ll see you later, i said, if i see you later i´m gonna get you, and later, who comes around the corner, the irish couple, he´s ducking and diving and off down the street, he left his girlfriend on the corner, we spared her, but not the English guy with the broken hand (on the mend), it´s a war ok? All´s fair.... and that sort of thing.

A lot of desert and no apple pie, none i tells yea!!!!

Alex from Mars, or the Moon or is he from F.....inland?

James from Kerry (it´s not his fault) moved out of the Dutch girls room, i moved in (thank´s James), James kindly sent me an email (he´s so old, he probably cant even spell facebook) asking me if i was looking after his Ho´s, i am in an Al Pachino kind of way, but you wont be finding them in any dustbins, but the day is early. Good enought for yea James?

And all the time Jay Z is telling me, you cant knock the hustle.

Desert hotel Atakama desert

The 2nd last night in Sucre, it was the Swiss guys birth day, so we ended up playing a Dutch drinking game, never really had to play games to drink, but thats the Dutch for you, ended up finishing
the game, great! Time to pay to bill, we did a collection and i was going to pay the rest on my credit card, but there was no response from the bank, sleepy heads in England, people are drunk in Bolivia and want to go home.

So, one of the Norweigans goes back to the hostel to get more money, he comes back and says it´s all locked up, so they all leave.

Dutch Nikita is going, ´There not coming back´, Me, ´Of course they are, they are all honour up in Norway´, it goes on and on, the girls go for money, the 3 amigos come back, the girls come back, the bill is payed, we are out of there.

The 3 amigos made so much noise at their hostel, the cops were called, everybody left happily ever after, i hope, but the Norweigans were drinking a lot of Taquila, i showed them how to drink it properly, but thats another story.

Driving in the Desert

During the drinking game, when one of the Norweigans flipped a card, we had to do what he did, he ran out of the bar, we ran too, the waitresses thought we were doing a runner on the bill, they were flying into action.

Another Norweigan had a card, so when he asked you a question you couldn´t answer it, he kept asking me questions, and i answered, gotta drink.

One of the best rules was you had to repeat the last word in your sentences, sentences. Or else you drink, drink.

This shit is da bomb

Videos are from Potosi, the mountain that eats men, it has eaten 8 million of them, it´s really hungry

The fire starter

An English guy i met in Sucre went out one night to a French reastaurant and had a masala curry, maybe the reataurant business there is all about diversifying, or maybe it´s not a French reataurant at all, like bars with a shamrock in the window are suddenly Irish, if it works and brings in the crowd and they hand over money, it would be pretty Irish, maybe they need a few frogs legs in that curry, Bien, bien!

I can see Gordon Ramsey jumping up and down saying, why didn´t i think of that one, sorry Gordon, you read it here first!

Bomb 1

Had a few water fights, meself, Martene and Nikita, against everyone else, one of my best shots was, some chick was posing in front of the Statue on the 25th de Mayo park, i had 1 last water balloon, the boyfriend is on his knees to get a better shot of her and the statue, she is posing, i threw it from at least 30 yards, caught her at the back of her neck, had to keep walking and not look back, we nearly fell over laughing!! Shot of the day, week, year!

Bomb 2

Spent a lot of time in Joyride cafe, a Dutch chick in Potosi told me about it, she also told me to try the pepper steak, but since i went to the market one morning + ordered chicken soup + got chicken and rice + put some bad tasting chili sauce on the rice + it was loaded with bacteria, i didn´t/couldn´t eat much + lost lots of weight.

With all the +´s there, there must be a -, but nope i can´t think of one, not one, i´m feeling fine, i have found, being afraid to eat is a great way to lose weight!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Mining in Potosi part 3

Lighting the fuses for the explosions

A miner told us told us between blasting, they would chew Coco Leaves, since their hands were covered in Arsonic, they piss on their hands before chewing the leaves, also when they cut their hands, cheap and good, they mine the same way they have been for 100´s of years.
Poor miners mine the same way they have mined 100´s of years, rich miners have pnumatic drills + air hoses, for the drills, the workers breathe the dust.

Wez went out with one of the girls he met on the mine tour, she didn´t drink, he drank 6 litres, he told her, i might get pretty drunk, so it´s all downhill from here, gotta love the honesty there!!

The fuse is burning, the TNT is in the bag

One miner found a big piece of silver + bough a hummer, diviorced his wife and is now banging a 17 year old, he would be a lucky miner, lucky indeed, and why not?

The indigenous slaves didnt see daylight for up to 6 months, so they put air vents to the surface every 100 meters themselves, after all air is kinda important

The fuse is burning on this one too

And i didn´t want to go on the tour in the first place, but Pierre from France sent me a facebook msg, all the way from France and i was sick of everybody saying how good the tour was, and it was good, and so it goes

One of the many Tio, Devil gods

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Mining in Potosi

So on the way to the mine, we calling to the market, get some coca leaves, then we go to some shops, miners supplies, for 30 Bolivianos (3 euro) we buy a stick of Dynamite a Kilo of TNT, fuse for 2.5 min and the silver thing that goes into the Dynamite, just like buying biscuits at home in the shop.

When we were going into the mine the guy above came out, with what looked like a broken finger, but you couldn´t tell because he was laughing + joking, then we went in, the miner with the dinky finger came back in, with the finger wrapped in cloth.

Using a bar and a hammer the miner of 25 years had put 5 holes of 12" into the hard rock.
While some of the other tourists were giving the bar a whack, the miner was fixing up the explosions. Hit and turn the bar, or else it will get stuck, and the tourists still got the bar stuck

When all was in place the miner burnt some of the tips of the fuses so that it would burn quicker, so he burnt a little bit of the first one and and then put it out, and then mover to the second one, while doing the second one the fuse caught on and the miner jumped a little back, not a good sign!!

We had 2 minutes to get the hell out of there + we moved, but into the mine, not out of it, when the first explosion went off i thought, ahh, it´s all over, the guide says 4 more, i think i wil stick to my office job.

When we went back to look at the explosions, the miner didn´t get a vein, the guide said he had bad luck, if he did find a vein , he would then get a 13 year old assistant to clear the rubble of 15 Euro a week 12 hour days, some kids have to work 24 hours.

A mask for the dust would cost 400 Bolivianos, but poor miners cant afford that so most die with lung problems after 10 years.

The Potosi mine trip Part 1

Photos are from the Atakama desert trip from San Pedro to Yuni

So, i ended up paying 40 Bolivianos for a mine tour ticket, others paid 60-100, first we stopped off at the market to buy coca leaves. The miners have a drink thats 96% proof, they do not mix it, they think it is lucky to drink it straight, fair enought, they are all dying quickly anyways.

When i arrived in Potosi the miners had a festival of ´Pacha Mamma´ or mother earth. you see guys all over South America when they drink Alochol, they tip a bit on the ground for Pacha Mamma, i´m thinking all this global warming business it that mother earth is after having a few too many and needs to dry out a bit, could be :)

So when the mines finish on Friday, some of them sit by the Altars in the mines for the Tio, or the Devil and they make him offerings, like American cigarettes, he only smokes American, the guy has class me thinks, but you´d think when they finish they would want to go home or to a friends place might be the thing, but no.

He is called ´Tio´, because in the Quechua language there is no D, so they couldnt pronounce Dios, so Tios became Tio, Tio means uncle in Spanish.

The reason the devil for the devil is because the native slaves refused to work in the mines, so the King of Spain had a giant devil made up and said, you now work for this guy and if you dont work hard, bad things will happen to you, and none of the Spanish wanted to go into the mnes to whip the slaves, and Spain did really well, there is only 12-13 years left in the mine, around 8 million people have died in the mountain, 4 guys died last week from gas poisoning.

Some of the slaves didn´t see daylight for 6 month´s.

The altar the miners have underground is an altar to the devil, overground Jebus is the man. Althought i´m not sure about that one, the church built in 1910 i was told is now a TV transmitter station.

One of the reasons the miners live so long is they chew Coca leaves, the indeginous slaves that did not like chewing coca leaves died very quickly, coca leaves and not Weetabit boys and girls!!!

The Potosi mine trip, the night before that is

Photos are from the Atakama desert (Dianas camera)

Lets start with the night before, the night beofre the mine trip, i decided i would go on the trip and i was hanging out in the Koala Cave hostel, with a bunch of Americanos and Canadians, not sure who was which , so lets call them north Americanos.

So we went out, the first place we went to was some club, it was some club over the restaurant we had dinner the previous night, some club indeed, it was dirty and the place smelled like piss and only served beer, 1 kind.

When we left there was a Michael Jackson tribute on with him tearing off his shirt and fans going mad, the fans were 100 times crazier than the beetles fans ever were, but as Wez pointed out, devided by a phedophile.

After that we went to some bar, but first you had to ring at a gate to get in, in we went. One of the Americanos decided it was a good idea to get a bottle of Tequila, i convinced him to snort the salt and squeese the lemon in his eye.

The pussy´s from Canada? No way, the taquila looked suspect, no 100% was displayed, i pointed this out.

People were getting really drunkand we were off to some club, more secret knocks and we were in, including the really drunk guy, but first someone had to get him as he ran down the road, that was all dug up.

The band was pretty good and somehow ´Security´ had no problem with the drunk guy falling all over the place and being American

There was lots of old guys on the sideline looking at all the 20 somethings dancing, watching their investment, beats working in a mine, 4,100 meters above sea level i guess.

I woke up for the mine tour, i woke first, and a headache for the next 8 hours, the Taquila was indeed bad.

One of the girls in the hostel told me that when one of the Swedish girls came back, she turned on the lights in the dorm and then disapperaed for 10 minutes and then came back and pissed her off some more, i told her if someone pissed me off that much, i would say something, she said nothing, she is not me and i am not her, the last time i checked anyways (hand slides between his legs) yep, sure!!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Potosi is the bomb, albeit the water bomb

Went out for a stroll with Wez from England, him being my room mate, it seemed like a civilized thing to do on a sunny morning.

At this point i did not know his name, then we came upon a street full of mostly kids throwing water baloons, about 300m of action, the like of fighting that hasn´t been seen since El Che and Fidel stormed Cuba, Viva la Revolution!!

We were taking in the action, i says the guy next to me (his name was Wez, but i didn´t know it) we gotta throw some balloons at these kids, Wes was up and off buying ammo, after throwing 1 bag of water balloons (1 boliviano - 10 cents euro) i was hooked

Koala drinking water

Because we were gringos, no one suspected up, no one ever suspects the butterfly, we were the butterflys, some of the kids were scratching their wet heads wondering who was throwing the satelite guided water baloons, was it the hand of god?


Then they figured it was us, but we were buying too many baloons for the kids to go making any enemies of us. This was our tatical advantage, overwhelm the enemy with firepower.

The Irish couple walked passed Wes and he was spitting out coca leaves and throwing water baloons at some kids. I wonder what they thought? This would never happen in Ireland, i bet?

Wez caught a guy in his 40´s, right on the chest, good job Wez could fight, it was loooking like he was going to need those skills, he also hit a police motor bike, the cops were cool with it.

There was a businessman walking down the side street, i missed him by an inch.

There was a shop selling wrapping paper out the front, i got the wrapping paper, i´m sure the daughter would have ran in saying ´Mammy mammy, the gringos are attacking´, anyways, they should have been selling water balloons, young people, old people, people at the ATM, the cool guys with the shades, we had plenty of targets.

One of the jeeps that passed by was throwing balloons, i caught the guy throwing the balloon.

A 5 year old kid threw a balloon at me from a jeep, his family were laughing, this was the opportiunity i was waiting for all day, i caught him on the head and it bounced off and exploded (like a scene out of McGuiver) off of the front passengers window. Wez caught them too, what a laugh, that was the end of their throwing ballons from a moving vechicle.

We were winning the war, we were the liberators!

On the way back Wez thought the hotel was down a street with punks, armed ones with water baloon, big mistake all of a sudden it was.
Holla Amigos, una, dos, tres.

And it was the wrong direction to the hostel.

High altitude, sandles, no more water balloons, i got some of their baloons and got them, i should have held on, the enemys attacked again, what a laugh.

I was thinking, there must be a better way for someone nearly 32 years old to spend his time...............

I have to go back to morrow, and be that butterly, although by now, some of the kids got that nature lesson today and wont want to re-learn this lesson.

Maybe i can be a puddy cat, they dont even like water, just like the puddy in Shrek, now wouldn´t that be fun :)

Cat playing the Piano

Jeep tour in the desert, wanna know about it?

2 Chileans, 2 Dutch, 2 Irish and 1 driver, sounds like a joke, hmmmm, there was lots of laughs, is it the same?

Before we dive in to the tour thing, that you not really interested in anyway, check out some Woody Allen quotes

All Land Cruisers here too, is it any wonder?

Heard about this movie, Juno

Stayed at the desert hotel on the first night, after dinner, hte kids played a little after dinner soothing music to help the food on it´s way. I´m sure they will get better, surley?

Between all of us, we tried to do the crossword that was in my pocket since Ireland, the crossword was too smart for us.

Couldn´t make any sense of the cryptic one, we didn´t even try, so we didn´t fail, this is the important thing!!

I played shithead with some Americanos, i lost the first game and won most of the others, they should re-name the game ´Freedom shithead´.

Saw an active volcano on the trip`, smoke and all, thats it, then we left it where it was, i´m sure it will be ok. If no one looks at the active volcano, is it active or just blowing smoke out it´s ass?

Stayed at a salt hotel, i think i was calling it the sand hotel in a video i made, well thats me, if i was working in TV, it would have been a take 2 and 3,4,5,6,7,8..........

The book says the salt hotel is illegal, but i think it´s nice, goes to show what books know, where is George Bush when you need him?

More Juno

I woke early in the morning thinking someone was after stabbing me in the leg, i must of streched my leg too much while i was asleep, you should always start stretching slowley, who says i dont get enough exercise?

Maybe i was getting ready to go out running, sleep running, makes sense since the beer belly is going, going, going......i will keep you posted.

Left party central San Pedro, hello Bolivia, where´s the party?

In San Pedro i chewed a few coca leaves, other people did too, so i wasn´t hte only one, people swear by them with the altitude, you need to add baking powder with the leaves in your mouth, for the extra kick, apart from all that here are the benefits of chewing Coca leaves

Chewing the leaf

I spent one week in San Pedro and went to 3 house parties. I did other stuff too, but the house parties stand out more.

The crazy guy at the first one balanced a can on it´s side at the second one, very impressive, and no show for the 3rd party, just when i was getting used to him too!!

The day after the first party i saw him again and he was still going, which led me to believe, thats just the way he is, thats what my maths teacher too, after the second maths class, she thought, he´s not putting it on, he´s just that way, and now i miss the crazy guy!

On the way to a party

French Alex kept telling people he was from Spain, Belgium, the moon and Mars anywhere but France, since he hates it, that explains ´Fuckin France´.

The last night before the jeep tour, i didn´t want to go out, but fuckin Alex from fuckin France convinced me to go out for 2 drinks, i forgot my (Dianas) camera, he forgot his money, he spent the whole night chatting up 2 Chilean chicks (with me buying his drinks) + didn´t get anywhere, he was very disappointed indeed. I got no photos or Videos, it was a great party, i knew the DJ too from hanging out with David from Madrid.

We went with the receptionist and her dog (Faeo, ugly in Spanish), as part of going there we walked a differn´t way to divert the cops, so they would be waiting in the wrong place for a party that would never be!!

The people in San Pedro love to party, they play this cat and mouse game every night, pretty funny stuff.

On the way, people on the street

We got back at 5am and i was the first one ready for the jeep tour at 8am, i got the South American stamina in me.

One of the guys that was in the hostel chatting with the security guard was recounting his experience with altitude, San Pedro is High Altitude!!
I was fine, fine, fine, he was somewhere near the moon, or was and decending quickly, too funny!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Been playing cards, wanna play too?

I played a card game, Kings and Queens (i believe Niggers was updated to Queens) with George Clooney JR and the Dutch speaking Dutch chicks, it seems part of the game is, if you lose you have to give your best cards from the nest game to the winner, just so you will lose the next game again.

Only a Kerryman could make any logic of this game, the word ´Unfair´ resonates in my brain, if your from Cork, you know Kerrymen dont care how they win, this now can be applied to cards, strange animals the Kerrymen, when i refused to give my best cards, i didn´t lose and i won some of the games!!!! I´m looking forward to the Gaelic football in the summer all of a sudden!!

I heard about this, so, i´m putting it here so i can watch it, you can watch it too!!
Joaquin Phoenix On Letterman 2-11-09

The 2 Dutch chicks and Kerryman went off to Potosi at 7pm and would have got there around 2am. There´s nothing to see here, i was told.

Well they wouldn´t have seen anything from Uyuni to Potosi, due to bad light (this is a rule in cricket too) but i call it darkness.

2am is never a good time to get in to a strange city, all you would see is locked doors + Crazies with no money eyeballing you for your money as far as i can see.

A girl in the hostel told me there were a lot of people that got in late last night that were going around looking for somewhere to stay, i knew 3 of them!!

I posed in front of some Catcus plants in the middle of the salt flats. If U2 were going to do..... well if they were going to do anything (except pay tax in Ireland) that would be a good place to do it, and they could bring a digital camera too,if they have any more albums in them.

I wouldn´t be buying any of their albums or downloading them either, so reader it´s all up to you, and that could be the name of their next album too, too easy.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Usual suspects in San Pedro

French guy i met the other day was dancing with a chick, i cut in on the dance and started dancing with him, the whole bar was laughing!!

Met a strange bunch of usual suspects in the hostel in San Pedro, i was telling someone about the time i said ´...when i came back to fuckin Australia´, to some Aussie guy at the time, the guy at the next table laughed, so it turns out he is French and he says the same about ´Fuckin France´, and then he was crew.

Crazy David from Madrid, smoke weed every day, more like every hour!

Then there was the Fire fighter from Wyoming, broke back mountain country and 2 English guys, well that were Engluish.

One of the chicks the guys was talking to (with the fat ass, as the French guy said) was telling him how the Irish hate the English, she told me that people that take drugs have something wrong in their head and stormed off, we laughed, she came back, we laughed some more.

Usual suspects

She also said he hated people from Bolivia because they hate people from Chile.

I think there was something wrong with her head, i bet if you opened it for a look, there would be a little mouse at the controls.

Crazy guys plays a thank you for the tips on his flute

Tonight there´s another Fiesta, and we meet at 1am at reception and we go to the party (it´s all hush hush, and no one know until the last minute)

Last night we went to a party, but the cops were outside, so no one could go in, so we went somewhere else, heaps of people hanging out on the street waiting to know where the party is and off they go like ants, party ants, you can learn so much about nature here, especially if you make it up!!!

Rappers and me

Asado at the campsite

Check out this DJ, he mentions ´This is a journey´ at the first part, it sure is, you buy your ticket, you take the ride!!!

Switched hostel and it reminded me of something....

I remembered ´Hitting the switch´, as a rap lyric, so i looked it up and here´s what i found out.

Hitting the switches
From 2Pac's rap classic "How Do U Want It." In it, 'Pac says "I'm hittin' switches on bitches like I been fixed with hydraulics."

The phrase means that you make all the nastiest, smoothest moves when it comes to sexin' your lady of choice. For added effect, many times one might pretend to be flipping switches and make a variety of sounds that might be heard on a car with hydraulics, because that "bitch" was bouncing up and down and putting on quite the show. Well done.

"When I was breaking in that one trick from the bar last night, I was hittin' them muhfuggin switches, boy!"

Crazy guy tells a story last night, story 23, he said he had a 100, so i picked 23 and here´s what happened

Switched from camping to the HI hostel, the row of tents left, so i left too.

I wanted to be near a toilet and meet more people, they say a change is as good as a holiday, and now i can pop out for a drink and pop back in and fall into bed, this all happened, except the after party we went to last night was down by the campsite i moved from.

The cops showed up and the people were hushing each other, red lights were flashing from outside, great effect by the cops, thanks cops.

A bit like the epesode in the Simpsons when Edna and Skinner barracade themselves in the school, kinda like that, but not.

The hostel plays some good chill out music, so now i am camped out, scribbeling, chit chatting, giving career guidance, travel advice and just when i was going to ask reception to turn up the tunes, they go up and this is whay i am here.

There´s even a dog called ´Feao´ (ugly in spanish) that does his rounds and calls into see the receptionist, she doesn´t know who owns him, but he calls in to see her, just like the dog ´Sultan´ in Yelapa, Mexico.

Crazy guys story ending

Carnival is about to start in Brazil and........

most couples are breaking up to be single for carnival.

I was talking to a Brazilan chick and her boyfriend was waiting for her while she went to get a drink at a carnival, a government official gave him 10 condoms, those Brazilians must be some kind of super rabbits, me thinks?

Asado the other night

Since i have been here in San Pedro, i have seen the Tati Geysers, and here´s what i wrote, they´re 4,320 meters above sea level, they´re the 3rd largest in the world and the largest in Southern America.

Asado Rap

Not just Tae Kwon do in Korea, there´s other stuff too!

New Chilean word of the day

When your hungover and everyboday else is normal and going about their day in a normal fashion

I have a feeling i might familiarise people with this word

Reccomended stuff from Korean Sonya Kim

The Carpenters - Top Of The World with Karaoke words, so sing it, yea bastard!

HQ Son Dam Bi - Are You Crazy

This is supposed to be a good movie, i intend to watch it sometime in the Future, if your in the Now, and you have the time to view it and the time to let me know if it is any good, please do so :)

A Moment To Remember (w English subtitles) Part1

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Travel and Living, sounds good eh?

Do you like Lamas?

Watched the Travel and Living channel on Sunday night in Antifagasto 12,000 pesos for the room included cabel TV.

Anyways some American couple went on Holiday for 5 months, 20 countries (of course). Seems like a lot of countries, but how else do you ´Do the world?´, well anyways it looks like 2 weeks has been pushed to 5 months, and about time if you ask me.

The American chick was saying
Her friends: How can you put you life on hold like that?
Her: How can you not?
Me: Why do they interview these idots, Fuck them, they should interview me, i´m a bigger idiot!!

More Lamas

More cabel TV golden moments, Gordon Ramsay on Hell´s Kitchen voted some guy off, the Chef he voted off told him he only voted him off because he had a hard on for the chick.
Gordon wasn´t happy and as the Chef that was voted off said ´So fuck him´, quality TV and i had a remote too, to change the channel´s, remotely, from a remorte location, which was the bed, with a bottle of Agua con gas, lovely!

Geyser time


The average person goes on paid holiday for 88 weeks in theirt lives, i haven´t done any work in the last 2.5 years, 4 months of them were paid.

I wonder if John Mc Cain would consider me a Maverick, i can only hope so

A maverick is an unbranded range animal, especially a motherless calf. It can also mean a person who thinks independently, a lone dissenter, a non-conformist or rebel. Sometimes it means to swear to one.

I wonder where he is now, the failed attempt by the Republicans to fuck things up even more, hopefully he´s playing golf on the back 8 down in Florida, with people his own age, it´s important to play with people your own age!

Going going gone!!!! Hello San Pedro, it´s me!

A guy on the bus from La Serena, a typical guy that makes too much money in the mining (a pure moron) saw me reading ´Into the heart of darkness´, he told me i should read the bible, before that he was talking about hookers in La Serena.

Mary Magdalene was termed a prostitute in the bible, i can see where he got his inspiration, there is the theory that Mary Magdalene was in the ´Last supper´ picture, next to Jesus, but someone painted over her.

Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden, Christianity from the early days was an old boys club, and after desert they probably would of went to a good old fashioned stoning, and why not? When in rome. But dont quote me on that.

Last night going back to my room in Antifagasto (spelled correctly, i hope), all the people were honking their horns and blocking intersections, and beeping their horns.

They were the most ignorant bunch of halfwits yo could ever see or hear.

If it wasnt for the mining, none of them would have jobs, and none of them would have cars and that would be a great thing (and easy on the ears)

Indeed, and i´m not finished, the beeping went on all night, i haven´t seen anything like it anywhere. It was almost like ´How dare other people use this road, don´t you know i work for a mining company!´ What a bunch, i should have thrown bannanas at them.

So i got a bus ticket the next day to San Pedro, and would you believe it, the tickets for upstairs in the bus were the same price as below, and they had a driver, we didn´t have anything to steer the bus. What a rip off!!
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