Saturday, 28 February 2009

Another day in the life of a fool

Swiss guys birthday in Sucre

Writing, writing, writing more writing than reading, not a bad thing, at least i´m capturing something, not sure what that is, but let us continue..

Birthday back shot

I threw a waterbomb in Oruru at a bunch of gringos, hey Presto, Wez from Halifax sticks his head up, so we go up the street for a beer + waterbombs (no better combination if you ask me), so we are throwing so many a loacl shop boards up it´s windows (with steel), and there is a guy on rollerblades, Wez ambushes him when he comes out of the shop. Mr rollerblade later gets me, all was fair in this war, the only love was the love of headshots, and there was many

So later that we (a bunch of tourists) are in the tower bar (a bar on top of the highest building in town), i go down to the street to check out the DJ, and as per everywhere i go, i know people there, not in Cork, never in Cork.

The Belgium guy and Nikita take a drink of a freshly opened can of beer from some guys pushing them away from their friends saying ´Fiesta, fiesta, fiesta!!´, well before they know it, they are fucked up (this is Kieran medical talk, i watch Dr House you know), the Belgium guy´s camera was gone. The girls spend the next hour and a half trying to get the Belgium guy home and ended up leaving him. He´s accusing guys for stealing his camera, never a good thing, never a hood thing.

He lost hia USB the week before then his camera is stolen, when i see him he is crying, i tell him to start writing his stories, no good, pictures are better that stories to some people, he´s a mess + goes out later his wallet and key are stolen.

One of the girls had a theory about the Belgium guy and it is that he is so tall he hasn´t a clue about whats going on down below.

The guy Wez left the bar with a guy singing Boca songs and jumping up and down, so he has 100 Bolivianos (15 Euro) and he´s off to get coke and ends up in a brothel and has an intimate relationship with a girl, no coke, meets another girl in a restaurant, he´s kissing her, she calls her friends, they go for a ride, they open a beer, next thing he knows he wakes up 2 miles from the town without his shoes, on a waste land and some locals are telling him ´Peligroso´ Dangerous and ´Siale´ Get out of here.

You live here if you are a miner in Potosi

But the funny thing was you wouldn´t have known what happened to him as he was in great form later when i saw him, Mr Belgiun, not so.

Eric (an american) and Wez were roasting sluts as Wez put it later in their dorm, at the same time of course, Wez turns to Eric aand says come on America, it would have been funny to see.

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