Thursday, 12 February 2009

Been playing cards, wanna play too?

I played a card game, Kings and Queens (i believe Niggers was updated to Queens) with George Clooney JR and the Dutch speaking Dutch chicks, it seems part of the game is, if you lose you have to give your best cards from the nest game to the winner, just so you will lose the next game again.

Only a Kerryman could make any logic of this game, the word ´Unfair´ resonates in my brain, if your from Cork, you know Kerrymen dont care how they win, this now can be applied to cards, strange animals the Kerrymen, when i refused to give my best cards, i didn´t lose and i won some of the games!!!! I´m looking forward to the Gaelic football in the summer all of a sudden!!

I heard about this, so, i´m putting it here so i can watch it, you can watch it too!!
Joaquin Phoenix On Letterman 2-11-09

The 2 Dutch chicks and Kerryman went off to Potosi at 7pm and would have got there around 2am. There´s nothing to see here, i was told.

Well they wouldn´t have seen anything from Uyuni to Potosi, due to bad light (this is a rule in cricket too) but i call it darkness.

2am is never a good time to get in to a strange city, all you would see is locked doors + Crazies with no money eyeballing you for your money as far as i can see.

A girl in the hostel told me there were a lot of people that got in late last night that were going around looking for somewhere to stay, i knew 3 of them!!

I posed in front of some Catcus plants in the middle of the salt flats. If U2 were going to do..... well if they were going to do anything (except pay tax in Ireland) that would be a good place to do it, and they could bring a digital camera too,if they have any more albums in them.

I wouldn´t be buying any of their albums or downloading them either, so reader it´s all up to you, and that could be the name of their next album too, too easy.

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