Monday, 2 February 2009

Cooking with Kieran, in 40 degree heat, thinks is cookin´

Couch surfer Franco, Dante and myself

Last week i had Tomatocan soup, this is a local dish, usually i would have found a link on the net, but that link does not exist, this might be that link, so here goes, one more useless internet link, and it´s totally vegemeterian too.

Hurrah, he´s saving all those little porkers and maybe a few donkeys testicles that end up in 100% pure beef sausages!!

Tomatocan soup

2 Fried onions, Garlic. 4 cubed Tomatoes with Bazil (3 or 4 leaves), then add corn

Additional things to add:
Cummin, Pepper, Oregeno


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