Saturday, 28 February 2009

Death metal needs a song about Death Road!!!

Photos are from Oruru, carnival

But tell us how was Death road Kieran, I heard a South African bang on about how La Paz wasn´t working for her and how she felt hos La Paz failed her and she wanted top get out, i wanted to get out too, but not for those reasons.

Anyways, all she did was sit on her arse, so i told he to get off her arse and do the death road tour and it would be the best thing she ever did.

Well do you know she did go on the tour, i got my T-shirt, so i´m still alive, or just barely, had a good night´s sleep the last 2 nights, so i´m gettin the normal life i so desire.

We drove back up the death road in the Mini van, so i got the tour twice, grat day.

The South African had a terrible time on the death road, she fell off of her bike, booh hoo, South Africa, all she had to do was have a good time, well i guess thats gratitude for yea!!

To sum up a great movie ´What we got here is a failure to communicate.......i dont like it anymore than you do´

I´ve been neglecting my photo uploads, got lots of stuff to upload, maybe hanging around in La Paz might be a good thing after all, after all, life is good and i´m doing it for the fans, that means you, so click on the ads and i can do it for the $$$ too, financial people call it a revenue stream, i do it for the $$$, i love the dough more than you know..........

So i was chatting with people at the bar, it´s 1 am and i says to myself. I might as well go to bed. After partying for 2 daze straight, it was a good decision, too much fun is no fun.

Met an english chick through another english chich (actually it was Siara, Indian-English, 5"6, Braham cast and likes having a Giraffe), the first english was going to come with me to the animal sanctuary, but she bailed, actually i was having too much a good time to sleep (sleep is for Jewish people and people with nervous twiches)
Of 9 days in the wildrover, i had 2 days of straight partying straight twice, that some stamina training for yea!!

Saw the local version of wrestling, it was a poor (Bolivian) cousin to the Luche Libre in _Mexico, i´m glad i still have all those memories (as long as i dont smoke pot i should be fine) in me head.

One of the mexican chants for for a wrestler in Orange was ´La punta en Naranha´, the hooker in orange, quality.

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