Thursday, 5 February 2009

Going going gone!!!! Hello San Pedro, it´s me!

A guy on the bus from La Serena, a typical guy that makes too much money in the mining (a pure moron) saw me reading ´Into the heart of darkness´, he told me i should read the bible, before that he was talking about hookers in La Serena.

Mary Magdalene was termed a prostitute in the bible, i can see where he got his inspiration, there is the theory that Mary Magdalene was in the ´Last supper´ picture, next to Jesus, but someone painted over her.

Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden, Christianity from the early days was an old boys club, and after desert they probably would of went to a good old fashioned stoning, and why not? When in rome. But dont quote me on that.

Last night going back to my room in Antifagasto (spelled correctly, i hope), all the people were honking their horns and blocking intersections, and beeping their horns.

They were the most ignorant bunch of halfwits yo could ever see or hear.

If it wasnt for the mining, none of them would have jobs, and none of them would have cars and that would be a great thing (and easy on the ears)

Indeed, and i´m not finished, the beeping went on all night, i haven´t seen anything like it anywhere. It was almost like ´How dare other people use this road, don´t you know i work for a mining company!´ What a bunch, i should have thrown bannanas at them.

So i got a bus ticket the next day to San Pedro, and would you believe it, the tickets for upstairs in the bus were the same price as below, and they had a driver, we didn´t have anything to steer the bus. What a rip off!!

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