Saturday, 28 February 2009

Happy birthday to me.................

So i got up early on the 2nd of March, my birthday to be exact, ended up coming home 2 days later. Met a Finish couple in Route 36, they came back to my hostel along with everyone else for the after party, then we went back to Route 36, then back to the hostel then back to Route 36.

The madman Tadgh from Cork when i left him last had to go back as he left his passport there, he made his money from selling drugs in Limerick, he told me how 1 night he got high and drove to a party in a tractor and overturned it, among other stories, a madman indeed.

When i left Tadgh, he came into my dorm, got into a top bunk, told me his brain was running at 5%, i´m packing up, i drop all the stuff in my bag (i ticking over at 50%), he asks me if i´m going to make any more noise.

All this from a guy that checked out after 1 night, because he couldn´t bring his own drink into the hostel, and never checked in again! All would be well and good until a baby bear would see Tadgh, and someone´s been sleeping............

More about the Tadgh, they wanted to charge him 300 Bolivians for a bottle of rum, so he goes out and buys a bottle for 12B and comes back in with it in his hoodie, mixed with Pepsi.

We were in a bar called Ran Bams and he robbed a bottle of some banana liquor, for a laugh. His attitude was if i go to jail, i go to jail. He has a tattoo on his arm that symbolizes ´Perspective´, i told him writing a blog is a good way to gain perspective, but no, he wants to stick to his tattoo, and he´s lazy, and he likes taking drugs, fair enough.

Dutch girl Nikita, painting me up



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