Saturday, 28 February 2009

I just can´t stop dancing Ted!!!!

All the photos are from Sucre

So by Monday my arm is completly wrecked, it´s time to go to La Paz, but before i went, the night before myself and English Jim (that i couldn´t find on Facebook, but he does exist, this much i know) we were outside the only decent retaurant in town throwing our last water ballons, then we go in and up the stairs, just as we are going up a guy appears at the door, jumping up and down, banging at the door.

I´m like ´What the fuck is wrong with him´, Jim says i hit his stall, it might have been very insensitive, but how we laughed!!

When i arrived in La Paz, i had grown from 10 to almost 32, nearly. Now i think throwing all them water balloons was immature and childish and lots of other words that describe me, so well, oh well.

Checked into the wild roverhostel, i was told the place was a trap, after just partying just 1 night, i believe it, time to get out of here and away from people like me.

So now it´s Friday and i´m making a great effort to do the Couch Surfing thing, at leasat i tried.

Ireland V England tomorrow in the rugby (Ireland won 15-14), Wrestling Sunday, and my birthday Monday.

When will the prison tour go on, a wall fell down in the prison due to rain, walls will do that, maybe the wall was tired, drunk maybe? The prison i´m told always closes now and again for a few days, maybe i will have to wait.

Brad Pitt (he´s such a dream boat) has bought the rights to the movie.

I have a few couch surfers to meet and hopefully i´m going to party, but not like Mexico....hopefully!!!

Great drinking game instructions

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