Monday, 23 February 2009

I took the heat to the street, it was a war!!!!

The French guy, Alex told me about Alister Crowley, so why don´t you have a read?

I made the mistake of throwing a water baloon at a bunch of kids with supersoakers, big mistake, I got soaked, one of them (thugs/kids) diarmed me, pulling my water balloons to the ground, they were shooting fish in a barel, did i say big mistake. Then i switched tactics, guerrilla tactics, throw and pretend i was buying something walking down the main parade.

People were sitting on the stands with their super soakers, i got a few of them, one chick was using her umbrella as protection, got it 3 times.

So i ended up sleeping on the floor at the hotel with the Dutch chicks, one of their comments about the blog is that none of the pictures match the stories, and this proud tradition is continuing here, one day i will get it right and give the audience what they want, but what do they need, probably vegeterian recipes, and for me to spell check more often!

So i hope you weren´t reading the picture about the desert and missing the story about the waterfights, because there aren´t much waterfights in the desert, and it was the dryest desert in the world, but if enough people threw a few water ballons, you could turn that desert into a swamp, but it think i´ll leave that to mother nature, pacha mamma and all that alochol she consumes.

Finished reading Eva Luna, not to ruin the plot, but her mother made ´Love´ to a dying Indian man and 9 months later, hey presto, and she likes to tell stories too, good chick read.

Got my arm painted, now i have my nails painted, whats left to paint? Already did my hair, but that was years ago, maybe it´s time again!!!

I threw a water bomb at a bunch of gringos, who sticks his head up in the bunch, Wez from Halifax England, but could be living in Halifax in Canada, it´s much nicer i hear!
And a water fight civil war kicked off...................

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