Friday, 13 February 2009

Jeep tour in the desert, wanna know about it?

2 Chileans, 2 Dutch, 2 Irish and 1 driver, sounds like a joke, hmmmm, there was lots of laughs, is it the same?

Before we dive in to the tour thing, that you not really interested in anyway, check out some Woody Allen quotes

All Land Cruisers here too, is it any wonder?

Heard about this movie, Juno

Stayed at the desert hotel on the first night, after dinner, hte kids played a little after dinner soothing music to help the food on it´s way. I´m sure they will get better, surley?

Between all of us, we tried to do the crossword that was in my pocket since Ireland, the crossword was too smart for us.

Couldn´t make any sense of the cryptic one, we didn´t even try, so we didn´t fail, this is the important thing!!

I played shithead with some Americanos, i lost the first game and won most of the others, they should re-name the game ´Freedom shithead´.

Saw an active volcano on the trip`, smoke and all, thats it, then we left it where it was, i´m sure it will be ok. If no one looks at the active volcano, is it active or just blowing smoke out it´s ass?

Stayed at a salt hotel, i think i was calling it the sand hotel in a video i made, well thats me, if i was working in TV, it would have been a take 2 and 3,4,5,6,7,8..........

The book says the salt hotel is illegal, but i think it´s nice, goes to show what books know, where is George Bush when you need him?

More Juno

I woke early in the morning thinking someone was after stabbing me in the leg, i must of streched my leg too much while i was asleep, you should always start stretching slowley, who says i dont get enough exercise?

Maybe i was getting ready to go out running, sleep running, makes sense since the beer belly is going, going, going......i will keep you posted.

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