Friday, 13 February 2009

Left party central San Pedro, hello Bolivia, where´s the party?

In San Pedro i chewed a few coca leaves, other people did too, so i wasn´t hte only one, people swear by them with the altitude, you need to add baking powder with the leaves in your mouth, for the extra kick, apart from all that here are the benefits of chewing Coca leaves

Chewing the leaf

I spent one week in San Pedro and went to 3 house parties. I did other stuff too, but the house parties stand out more.

The crazy guy at the first one balanced a can on it´s side at the second one, very impressive, and no show for the 3rd party, just when i was getting used to him too!!

The day after the first party i saw him again and he was still going, which led me to believe, thats just the way he is, thats what my maths teacher too, after the second maths class, she thought, he´s not putting it on, he´s just that way, and now i miss the crazy guy!

On the way to a party

French Alex kept telling people he was from Spain, Belgium, the moon and Mars anywhere but France, since he hates it, that explains ´Fuckin France´.

The last night before the jeep tour, i didn´t want to go out, but fuckin Alex from fuckin France convinced me to go out for 2 drinks, i forgot my (Dianas) camera, he forgot his money, he spent the whole night chatting up 2 Chilean chicks (with me buying his drinks) + didn´t get anywhere, he was very disappointed indeed. I got no photos or Videos, it was a great party, i knew the DJ too from hanging out with David from Madrid.

We went with the receptionist and her dog (Faeo, ugly in Spanish), as part of going there we walked a differn´t way to divert the cops, so they would be waiting in the wrong place for a party that would never be!!

The people in San Pedro love to party, they play this cat and mouse game every night, pretty funny stuff.

On the way, people on the street

We got back at 5am and i was the first one ready for the jeep tour at 8am, i got the South American stamina in me.

One of the guys that was in the hostel chatting with the security guard was recounting his experience with altitude, San Pedro is High Altitude!!
I was fine, fine, fine, he was somewhere near the moon, or was and decending quickly, too funny!!

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