Monday, 2 February 2009

Life´s a beach in Antifagasto, albeit an artificial one

The highlights of Antifagasto are, well, the beach, the artifical one, they didn´t wait around for god and why would they, he´s busy doing other stuff.

Couch surfer Carolina and Sole helped me find a place to stay, over the Chineese, 12,000 a night plus cable TV, not bad.

Lots of people here are employeed by the copper mines.

You see peoples, you need copper, you need it for the houses that people live in, people like you and me, well more like me.

In Ireland lots of people bought new houses and now they cant afford to live in them and the banks are taking them back, will the copper go back in the ground too?

I blame the copper, if people just dug a hole in the ground for a toilet and fetched a bucket of water from down the road, we wouldn´t need the copper, and then we wouldn´t have any artificial beach for me to lie on........on second thoughts, they should keep digging for that copper, god save the copper and when he´s finished doing that, maybe he could give the lads in Chile a hand (it´s very heavy stuff yea know)

Only after he´s finished feeding all the black babies in Africa, after all they´re human beings too!

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