Thursday, 19 February 2009

A lot of desert and no apple pie, none i tells yea!!!!

Alex from Mars, or the Moon or is he from F.....inland?

James from Kerry (it´s not his fault) moved out of the Dutch girls room, i moved in (thank´s James), James kindly sent me an email (he´s so old, he probably cant even spell facebook) asking me if i was looking after his Ho´s, i am in an Al Pachino kind of way, but you wont be finding them in any dustbins, but the day is early. Good enought for yea James?

And all the time Jay Z is telling me, you cant knock the hustle.

Desert hotel Atakama desert

The 2nd last night in Sucre, it was the Swiss guys birth day, so we ended up playing a Dutch drinking game, never really had to play games to drink, but thats the Dutch for you, ended up finishing
the game, great! Time to pay to bill, we did a collection and i was going to pay the rest on my credit card, but there was no response from the bank, sleepy heads in England, people are drunk in Bolivia and want to go home.

So, one of the Norweigans goes back to the hostel to get more money, he comes back and says it´s all locked up, so they all leave.

Dutch Nikita is going, ´There not coming back´, Me, ´Of course they are, they are all honour up in Norway´, it goes on and on, the girls go for money, the 3 amigos come back, the girls come back, the bill is payed, we are out of there.

The 3 amigos made so much noise at their hostel, the cops were called, everybody left happily ever after, i hope, but the Norweigans were drinking a lot of Taquila, i showed them how to drink it properly, but thats another story.

Driving in the Desert

During the drinking game, when one of the Norweigans flipped a card, we had to do what he did, he ran out of the bar, we ran too, the waitresses thought we were doing a runner on the bill, they were flying into action.

Another Norweigan had a card, so when he asked you a question you couldn´t answer it, he kept asking me questions, and i answered, gotta drink.

One of the best rules was you had to repeat the last word in your sentences, sentences. Or else you drink, drink.

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