Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Potosi mine trip, the night before that is

Photos are from the Atakama desert (Dianas camera)

Lets start with the night before, the night beofre the mine trip, i decided i would go on the trip and i was hanging out in the Koala Cave hostel, with a bunch of Americanos and Canadians, not sure who was which , so lets call them north Americanos.

So we went out, the first place we went to was some club, it was some club over the restaurant we had dinner the previous night, some club indeed, it was dirty and the place smelled like piss and only served beer, 1 kind.

When we left there was a Michael Jackson tribute on with him tearing off his shirt and fans going mad, the fans were 100 times crazier than the beetles fans ever were, but as Wez pointed out, devided by a phedophile.

After that we went to some bar, but first you had to ring at a gate to get in, in we went. One of the Americanos decided it was a good idea to get a bottle of Tequila, i convinced him to snort the salt and squeese the lemon in his eye.

The pussy´s from Canada? No way, the taquila looked suspect, no 100% was displayed, i pointed this out.

People were getting really drunkand we were off to some club, more secret knocks and we were in, including the really drunk guy, but first someone had to get him as he ran down the road, that was all dug up.

The band was pretty good and somehow ´Security´ had no problem with the drunk guy falling all over the place and being American

There was lots of old guys on the sideline looking at all the 20 somethings dancing, watching their investment, beats working in a mine, 4,100 meters above sea level i guess.

I woke up for the mine tour, i woke first, and a headache for the next 8 hours, the Taquila was indeed bad.

One of the girls in the hostel told me that when one of the Swedish girls came back, she turned on the lights in the dorm and then disapperaed for 10 minutes and then came back and pissed her off some more, i told her if someone pissed me off that much, i would say something, she said nothing, she is not me and i am not her, the last time i checked anyways (hand slides between his legs) yep, sure!!

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