Saturday, 7 February 2009

Switched hostel and it reminded me of something....

I remembered ´Hitting the switch´, as a rap lyric, so i looked it up and here´s what i found out.

Hitting the switches
From 2Pac's rap classic "How Do U Want It." In it, 'Pac says "I'm hittin' switches on bitches like I been fixed with hydraulics."

The phrase means that you make all the nastiest, smoothest moves when it comes to sexin' your lady of choice. For added effect, many times one might pretend to be flipping switches and make a variety of sounds that might be heard on a car with hydraulics, because that "bitch" was bouncing up and down and putting on quite the show. Well done.

"When I was breaking in that one trick from the bar last night, I was hittin' them muhfuggin switches, boy!"

Crazy guy tells a story last night, story 23, he said he had a 100, so i picked 23 and here´s what happened

Switched from camping to the HI hostel, the row of tents left, so i left too.

I wanted to be near a toilet and meet more people, they say a change is as good as a holiday, and now i can pop out for a drink and pop back in and fall into bed, this all happened, except the after party we went to last night was down by the campsite i moved from.

The cops showed up and the people were hushing each other, red lights were flashing from outside, great effect by the cops, thanks cops.

A bit like the epesode in the Simpsons when Edna and Skinner barracade themselves in the school, kinda like that, but not.

The hostel plays some good chill out music, so now i am camped out, scribbeling, chit chatting, giving career guidance, travel advice and just when i was going to ask reception to turn up the tunes, they go up and this is whay i am here.

There´s even a dog called ´Feao´ (ugly in spanish) that does his rounds and calls into see the receptionist, she doesn´t know who owns him, but he calls in to see her, just like the dog ´Sultan´ in Yelapa, Mexico.

Crazy guys story ending

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