Thursday, 19 February 2009

This shit is da bomb

Videos are from Potosi, the mountain that eats men, it has eaten 8 million of them, it´s really hungry

The fire starter

An English guy i met in Sucre went out one night to a French reastaurant and had a masala curry, maybe the reataurant business there is all about diversifying, or maybe it´s not a French reataurant at all, like bars with a shamrock in the window are suddenly Irish, if it works and brings in the crowd and they hand over money, it would be pretty Irish, maybe they need a few frogs legs in that curry, Bien, bien!

I can see Gordon Ramsey jumping up and down saying, why didn´t i think of that one, sorry Gordon, you read it here first!

Bomb 1

Had a few water fights, meself, Martene and Nikita, against everyone else, one of my best shots was, some chick was posing in front of the Statue on the 25th de Mayo park, i had 1 last water balloon, the boyfriend is on his knees to get a better shot of her and the statue, she is posing, i threw it from at least 30 yards, caught her at the back of her neck, had to keep walking and not look back, we nearly fell over laughing!! Shot of the day, week, year!

Bomb 2

Spent a lot of time in Joyride cafe, a Dutch chick in Potosi told me about it, she also told me to try the pepper steak, but since i went to the market one morning + ordered chicken soup + got chicken and rice + put some bad tasting chili sauce on the rice + it was loaded with bacteria, i didn´t/couldn´t eat much + lost lots of weight.

With all the +´s there, there must be a -, but nope i can´t think of one, not one, i´m feeling fine, i have found, being afraid to eat is a great way to lose weight!!

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