Saturday, 7 February 2009

Usual suspects in San Pedro

French guy i met the other day was dancing with a chick, i cut in on the dance and started dancing with him, the whole bar was laughing!!

Met a strange bunch of usual suspects in the hostel in San Pedro, i was telling someone about the time i said ´...when i came back to fuckin Australia´, to some Aussie guy at the time, the guy at the next table laughed, so it turns out he is French and he says the same about ´Fuckin France´, and then he was crew.

Crazy David from Madrid, smoke weed every day, more like every hour!

Then there was the Fire fighter from Wyoming, broke back mountain country and 2 English guys, well that were Engluish.

One of the chicks the guys was talking to (with the fat ass, as the French guy said) was telling him how the Irish hate the English, she told me that people that take drugs have something wrong in their head and stormed off, we laughed, she came back, we laughed some more.

Usual suspects

She also said he hated people from Bolivia because they hate people from Chile.

I think there was something wrong with her head, i bet if you opened it for a look, there would be a little mouse at the controls.

Crazy guys plays a thank you for the tips on his flute

Tonight there´s another Fiesta, and we meet at 1am at reception and we go to the party (it´s all hush hush, and no one know until the last minute)

Last night we went to a party, but the cops were outside, so no one could go in, so we went somewhere else, heaps of people hanging out on the street waiting to know where the party is and off they go like ants, party ants, you can learn so much about nature here, especially if you make it up!!!

Rappers and me

Asado at the campsite

Check out this DJ, he mentions ´This is a journey´ at the first part, it sure is, you buy your ticket, you take the ride!!!

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