Friday, 6 March 2009

Am i coming or going, i can barely decide?

Got to the monkey sanctuary, and people are banging on about a 30 day visa and asking questions about visas, up to this point the last thing on my mind was visas, although my mother did pay off a grand on my visa, so being the responsible adult of 32 that i want to be, i checked my passport.

It appears instead of playing with monkeys and the like, i should have been in Peru, this was news to me.

So after people asking me how long i would be helping out, volunteering, the correct answer would be 1 day.

10 points for every right answer, but i would have never have thought of that, even though it seemed like the easiest question in the world, it goes to show there are no such things as stupit questions, only stupid people.

I should have checked that visa, and not the credit card, i need to ride that one for as long as i can and will, their letters will be as Elvis once said ´Return to sender´, such a sad song, not for me!

Well anyway the day trip and induction to the animals went well, now i have to hustle a ride back to fuckin La Paz and get the fuck out as soon as possible, and after all my talk i nearly forgot my passport, well i wasn´t going to the airport no was i?


Called into immigration this morning, 2 old lads on a desk, i show them my passport, they want to get a photocopy, i get a photocopy, i ask for 90 days, they ask me what i´m doing her for 90 days, i tell them i´m volunteering with animals, they ask me if i´m working, i say no, one of them motions if i´m working and his finger goes across his throat, stamp stamp, i get 90 days, no one wants money, i´m out the door and back to being the best little Dr Doolittle i can (in rehab i.e. away from La Paz)

I´m out of La Paz, i saw all of the usual suspects this morning, coming home, me? I was in bed by 10, such a well behaved boy.

Back to monkey business!!!


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