Thursday, 19 March 2009

Drink swallow and think

´She´ll be coming down the mountain.....´

Death road

English Steve and Welsh Dave were singing part of this song from Oliver

Ok, i don´t know if Charles Darwin met any Howler monkeys, but, they have 5 fingers, ok, 5. Spider monkeys have 4, it seems to me that the spider monkeys are a bit more like cartoon characters (and if you have seen any of them in action, you know this to be spot on)

Death road

I have 5 fingers, truth be told, i was in the showers today and ´Chica´ the female Howler monkey was up above observing me, normally this works the other way around, we observe them, pretty soon i´m sure it will be like Planet of the apes!!

Death road

Since the Howler ´Chica´ has 5 fingers and not 4 like the spider monkeys, should i not take this sort of thing a little bit seriously?

I mean i´m flattered she choose me, if she did actually choose me, did she think she could learn more from me than anyone else?

The question that bothers me is was i sexually harassed or not? If yes, do Howler monkeys have good taste? Should i have reported it to the cops? or should i invite her over for a banana and see where things go? After all we are talking 5 fingers and 5 toes, not claws and beaks.

I´m not a holy man but if your up there, Superman, could you get Charles Darwin on the line and tell me what he thinks, it´s just because i´m curious, scientifically speaking. Science as you know has so many questions, and i intend on doing my part and providing a few answers, without of course having to poke and prod things with my white coat and say things like ´Interesting´ and ´Hmmmm´ and maybe i´d say ´As i expected´ and rush out the door shouting ´Eureka´ (balls naked of course, then people woud think i´m really smart or mad´

Corico, i like very much

I´ll add this before i go back to my Garden of Eden hostel (it´s really fuckin amazing, but thats another story)

Nude is when you choose to be seen in the buff, naked is when you are caught (by the irate cuckold en flagrante)


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