Sunday, 22 March 2009

Getting vertical on a daily basis

WWF Bolivian style in La Paz

´Time is on my side, yes it is´ Was it from the Beetles? (i could do a google search, but i´d rather not know, gotta have a few little mysteries in my life)
Anyways the lyric is from a cider ad, this is all i know, Magners cider too, doesn´t matter how much time you have it still tastes like crap, i dont drink cider, i dont ´Do it´, if i did ´Do it´, it would ´Do me´, then it would be bed time (and i´ve just gotten out of bed)

I will leave the cider be.

Maybe time is not on my side, here i think there are 2 times, raining and not raining, when it´s not raining, i am an eco-warrior and saving the planet a regular Dr Dolittle, when it rains i see to somehow drop the Dr and just Do Litle, i am on strike, down tools and look out the window, just like when i was at school watching the birds come in to land (my teacher thought i´d have a promising career at the Airport)

Raining? I give the planet the gift of my absense, how i never tire of giving :)

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