Monday, 23 March 2009

I feel a change........

I know it sounds crazy and since everyone i meet tells me i´m crazy, let me tell you, i feel transformed, i do.
But let me give you some context. I came home to Ireland August 06 and i went back to Oz after 3.5 weeks.

I decided to grace Joanne with my absence, in a permanent sort of way and i came home. One year after traveling, i was thinking about having to go back to work, and i was having panic attacks, then i ended up in Mexico after following in the footsteps of Jack Kourack´s ´On the road´ as my inspiration + much more, i got to Puerta Villarta, i couch surfed.

It was getting close to my birthday, i was hanging out in P.V. to give my skin some of the healing salt water for my psoriasis skin problem (no other kind of water would do, not even water blessed by the pope)

I met a lady (a grandmother from LA with an art gallery) and she told me if i was a Pisces i should be doing art, and there was classes on near and i did.

So one fine day i went to Yelapa and met a chick on the beach who told me the parties were wild at the yacht club. I went back to P.V and i walked along the beach seeing if i could talk to anyone. I met some Canadian´s and we played a bit of soccer and we came up the beach and lo and behold it was the chick that Chaz (the beach hustler) was talking the day before.

Chaz kept telling me she was his girlfriend and i only came over because he called me over, and he´s a dangerous guy! I didn´t stay long, he was just out of jail for fighting again.

That was about 1 year ago, Tom Robbins cites relationships can fulfill or transform you, looking back i can see i got both, but i can safely say the person herinafter referred to a D. really did transform me and i was very happy, and my parents don´t think i´m gay anymore, bisexual maybe, gay no (but i do like me nails painted, a little color on the street never hurt anyone)

My mother cooks burritos now too because of D, a miracle indeed, D was a great influence on everyone, especially me (i wasn´t as crazy as before i´m told)

And i´m a better person because of it all, the good and especially the bad.

I´ve given up smoking,i´m much healthier and content and not incontinence. Anyways, i feel the change and that was the whole point of traveling for me, to get here, and i´m not finished yet.

Although i´m reminded of a repeating like in Mark Twains ´Is he dead´, ´Dont worry, it gets worse´


And i´ve done everything i set out to do and i havent been to Machu_Picchu + Brazil yet

Change was a good thing, i even wanted it, and i thought of this

Crazy Penis - Change

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