Saturday, 21 March 2009

I really want to believe in reincarnation

A birthday present from the Finnish chick in Route 36, so i know how to spend the rest of my daze

Went out to clean the baby Cantuta´s cage, his name is Oseko, so i take him out and he´s around my neck making all these cool noises and down my coat, then Jimmy the squirrel monkey appears and starts to pull Oseko´s tail (a carefully worded Google search yielded no results for more information on Cantutas, must be my bad spelling again)

Well anyway Jimmy is basically fucking with him and getting a reaction, god how i love that squirrel monkey. I think i dont want to be reincarnated as a butterfly anymore. 1 squirrel monkey reincarnation for me please, i´m not sure if it is a higher reincarnation or lower, but i´m sure i´d be able to hump little kittens and give it to a Howler monkey (female) before going to sleep and some chicks ear, after a day of pissing off every animal in sight. This is what he does, he´s just doing his job!

They have youtube in Cork too, here check it out!!

If there is an animal version of Bender from Futurama, it´s a squirrel monkey, but the only drawback is since no one suspects the Butterfly and everyone suspects the squirrel monkey, how do i overcome this issue?

Maybe i´ll call myself ´Timmey´, thats a pretty innocent, butter wouldn´t melt in your mouth, wouldn´t harm a fly name.

There you go, case closed, i wanna be Timmey the squirrel monkey and after i´ve finished fucking with people in this form, i´ll be right back on the job as little Timmey (with an e) the squirrel monkey.

Birthday photos

So watch out world, i´m not finished yet, and when i am, i´m coming back, smaller, faster.....better?

Usual suspects

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