Sunday, 22 March 2009

In search of sin and wrong doing...........

Got some stories that i some times remind myself of, and it cheers me right up, so i thought i´d share them and maybe they could work for you too.

My favorite Dutch chick (she says she likes Irish guys, but i dont beieve her)

Dave from Wales has a buddy and he would meet tourists off of tourist buses and say to them in Welsh ´Does your husband have a small cock?´ in welsh, this worked for all the English tourists, until he got hit with handbag one day by a Welsh woman

One of Daves other friends (he´s a popular guy you know) was pouring beers in a bar, when in comes a hot chick (he said stunner) with a pretty ordinary looking guy, the bar tender says ´He must have a really big cock or a fast car´ in Welsh, later the stunner comes up and orders another round in perfect Welsh, the barman dissappeared.

I must say, fair fucks to the Welsh people, it would appear they know their language, in one of the last Irish census, something like (i´m being very scientific here) 10 percent of Irish people thought they were fluent in Irish, it´s more likley around 2%.

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