Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Introducing Jimmy the Scouser Squirrel monkey

Willey, the parrot

There is a monkey here, she is a howler, not a screamer. So she is a howler monkey and as monkeys go, she is about the sexiest thing you will ever see, with a beard.

Her name is ´Chica´, it´s spanish for girl.

I haven´t befriended her too much as yet as since so many people come through here, the monkeys need to familiar with you for them to approach you.

Fuckin women, maybe i should buy her a bananna and whisper sweet nothings in her ear, or maybe not? Take things slowley Kieran, ask her out, call her after 2 days, while all that is playing out (mostly in my head) let me tell you about Jimmy (the scouser Squirrel monkey.....

Jimmy and me

I was going to give the birds corn for lunch and i saw Jimmy (the Scouser) Squirrel monkey, as with drugs for Scousers, if you have food, any monkey will be your friend, so he´s on my shoulder, i´m giving him corn (in the pic he´s getting stuck into dog food), he´s sticking his little hand in the bucket, sorting through the corn and going ´Cheers mate´, i´m throwing a bit to the ducks and geese, befor he´s off again, just like Superman, but more monkey style.

Nina the new baby spider monkey

The cats don´t even bother him, he´s too quick, and there´s plenty of cats, i was him jump at a cat and swing at it and have a look in the cats dish, he´s too quick, it´s be quick or be dead, and he probably would be too, good job he doesn´t get ice cream, ice cream would be a bit of a handicap against the cats.

Later i´m reading my book in the sun and he lands on my shoulder and starts making all sorts of noises, which obiously meant ´Got any food mate?´, ´Did you see match of the day?´, ´Wasn´t Stephen Gerrards goal a cracker?´ and the like, i didn´t quite get what else he said, then he was off again.

Cats are animals too (i´m told) and they like all the other animals get fed, just as well for our friend Jimmy, it would take the pressure off of him, and the claws.

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