Sunday, 22 March 2009

It´s no point beng Irish unless you know the world is going to break your heart


So, i was having a bit of a swim , Steve from England was trying his hand at the diving lark, he was making the easiest thing in the world look hard, which proves, if it´s worth doing, it´s worth doing wrong.

The Portugese guy, Gil, hereinafter referred to as the snake killer spawn of St Patric did a back flip, i´m doing laps, so sez i, i´ll do that, i was already wet, what could i possibly lose?

It took me 3 daze of doing this back flips to get the hang of it and landing feet first.

So if your reading this Kieran, after jumping backwards, tuck you knees in quickly, look back to the water.

You can do it put your back into it!!! I can do it put your ass into it!!

And it´s a good way to clear out your sinuses, every day i feel like i´m getting younger.

Adult Quati, i think, definately spelled incorrectly

I finished reading Malachy McCourt´s ´A monk Swimming´, it´s caled that because when he was a kid a prayer he used to say went ´...among women´, he would say ´a monk swimming´, just another example of the little thing´s i think about when i´m feeling a little blue, then i dont feel blue anymore, red, green, yellow and all the colors of the rainbow.

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