Sunday, 22 March 2009

Late night emails, closure

I want to publish this again just so there is closure between myself and Diana, she has moved on and i know whoever she is now with probably doesn't know how lucky he is, i hope she is very happy and that she gets everything she deserves in life, and we had a lot of laughs along the way.

But now we´re best friends, it a new chapter and hopefully the best is yet to come, knowing D. has helped me tremendously and i hope i have someway helped her too.

And she´s still in my top 20 favorite girls of all time :)

Originally Published 1/11/08

So i sent Diana an email late one night expression interest in moving to Canada.

To be fair, i dont know how she has stuck me, but since something clicked in my head and Diana is the only girl for me and she wants kids and she is the only woman i would have kids with. I knew this when i first met her.

She is coming down to see me in Buenos Aires to do a little traveling and hanging out, and i couldn't be happier.

I really missed sleeping + waking up next to her.

Diana is everything a person could be, no need to look elsewhere, exciting stuff, i'm looking forward to being with her + being a better human being.

Haven't been doing much traveling, just hanging out in Palmer, Santi and Carolinas apartment.
There's an endless stream of people going in and out, it's like a bar.

So now i'm looking forward to seeing the wonderful Diana, now i have everything straight in my head, everything should be Peachy!!!

When we wake up + go to sleep together. I'm actually looking forward to playing board games + maybe a crossword or 2, Sudoku anyone?

Diana know's so many things, that i can learn from her head, a champion for putting up with me + my bullshit.

Something snapped in my head and i thought, she is the only woman i would have a kid with, on top of that she's beautiful, smart, artistic, fit, Patient, why did it take me so long to see what was right in from of me?

Am i stupid?

Vancouver is supposed to be very beautiful, i'm looking forward to this new chapter in my life, probably the most intelligent thing i have ever done, why did it take so long?

Exciting stuff, she want's kids too, with Diana it will be great experience, new city, new responsibility's, new challenges, with the girl of my dreams.

Looking good

I feel very lucky, now it's time to brush up on the romance side...............

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