Monday, 23 March 2009

Life is going along swimmingly

La Senda Verda entrance

In the last blog entry i was on about Bastille day, i once read the siege was led by a guy from Waterford, believe it if yea like.

Oh, can you hear that outside? It´s rain, i know it´s the middle of the night, but do you know what? I dont have to out in the pissing rain to feed dogs. (sand flies have more sense than humans here, i´m with the sand flies, er... everybody hates sand flies?)

Now it´s pounding down and i´m safely tucked up in bed, the joy of being an adult is i an actually appreciate it all (and there is no school tomorrow!!)

There´s some fiesta on the next mountain with African drumming on Saturday night, i will be going with the Argentinean chicks (as long as we´re still friends)

Guinea fowl, the mother used to have some, she gave them to Fota as they were very noisy

I walked back tonight to the Sol Y Luna, the only downer about this place is it is a difficult walk at night.

But why didn´t you get a taxi or put a battery in your torch Kieran? Err... Look a moth a big hairy Japanese bastard!!

A battery has been located, the torch is good to go, i wont be making that mistake a second time, not here anyways.

To lighter news, went for a swim today, awesome, healthy me is feeling good, great views too, the best scenery so far in South America, so far,

La Paz, it can wait, i´ll be back, La Paz will be like a screaming baby in my head.

La Senda Verda

Parents of screaming babys don´t hear them, i will be abandoning La Paz. Do you want it? Cos you can have it, if you like! I´m gonna run to the hills, i´m already in the hills.

I´m still in bed, it´s still raining hard (the Argentinean chicks are in a tent) good night world (see what i mean? Perfect....for me)

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