Friday, 20 March 2009

Look, lust and leave

Before the carnival in Oruru

Jimi Hendrix once said, ´On a rainy day sit back and relax´, it once rained here for 2-3 daze and as Dave said ´The animals must get fed´, i need to breathe, so i think i will stay out of the rain, even grace these fine ´Eco Warriors´ with my absence, have you ever wondered why ´They´ put the word ´Sense´ in absence, flash back to my test team leader in Alinta gas, when you assume you make an ass out of u and me.

Enough of the wordplay, even though there isn´t enough of it about.

Maybe i´m getting older and wiser or maybe i´m dreading having to go to a doctor, in Ireland it would be 60-70 Euro, but not here, here i´m sure it would be bad advice from a guy that would have been less of a student than I, and I used to think Oral Sex was something you talked about, and i still do sometimes!

Oruru carnival

The rain is stopping now, time to unrelax or play ´The wind cries Mary´ in A Minor, now the animals have been fed, 10 O´Clock is the feeding time, it could be a good time to don the hard hat (the hat would be just a stage prop readers) and put on a storming performance as a hygiene engineer (i always wanted to be an engineer too, maybe i will realize one of my life long goals and dreams) and not get too wet along the way.

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