Sunday, 22 March 2009

May all you sons be Bishops

The title quote is Brenda Behan´s last words to a nun mopping the floor

And like cats this year, funny isn´t it? Whats wrong with me?

Steak idea
Fry steak, paste mix of Dijon + whole grain mustard on steak, put brown sugar on the mustard and put in the grill (until the sugar crystalises)

Gil from Portugal gave me his band address

He also likes Scratch Perverts

and Le Peuple de l´herbe and asian dub foundation

I was going to write something, but a Dutch chick said something and i was like, what! You want to paint me up? Dutch chicks, i´m on to them!!! The do have a sense of homour, that helps too!!

She didn´t paint me up, but she wore the pants in that relationship, but she did say she`painted up guys before (it´s a Dutch thing). Her boyfriend´s name was J, because his real name was unpronounceable and she was AKA Jenny for the same reason, I go by the name Ciarano AKA Whitebear AKA Blackjack (the street wise pimp)

Check out a book called ´The ginger man´, by JP Donleavy

When i go back to Melbourne, i will be able to do this dance! I will be the king of the dance floor, it will be one non stop Zoolander dance off

Wanna see more?

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