Thursday, 19 March 2009

Monkeys, wrestlers and fashion designers?

Oseko the baby Quati and I

´Sorleo´ the Capachin Alpha male used to be incarsarated, in a cage, this was nothing to do with WWF (wrestling or the World wildlife federation), nothing like that. Every other week himself and Pecos (another adult male) would help each other escape + with style, Sorelo would somewhat celebrate his escape be first going to where the tourists were getting their induction and breaking anything he could (if you are from the city, this would be a traumatising thing, if you are from Los Angelas, you have been conditioned to this sort of thing all of your life, if you dont believe me, check out the documentary LA story)

Anyways after carrying on like LA people on the first of the month (see movie above) he would then pull the donkeys tail to announce to the world he was back in business, raid the restaurant, steal any/all cakes he could, then he would jump on the back of the Dashound dog and make good his escape to the monkey enclosure.

If that monkey was a human he would work in Fashion in Paris or Milan, i´m thinking style boys and guirls, but then again the monkey was in a cage, so if he was a human he´d be in jail for tax evasion (i havent ruled out a wrestler either) or driving that porche a little too fast, what ever way you look at it from monkeys to fashion designers to wrestlers, a cage is a cage, when your in your in, when your out, your out and then you pull a donkeys tail and then it´s like a scene out of Gremlins......New York, New York!!! (Thats a fashion capital too, yea know!!)

Since Pecos and Sorelo used to help each other escape, they have been seperated, the 2 top dogs, the crime spree is now over, order had been restored

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