Sunday, 22 March 2009

Musings of a madman

Stephen (from England) suggested the title after i read him one my little stories, it wasen´t even bed time!!!

Volunteering, what rhymes with Volunteering, is it nessicary to rhyme, check out my buddy Josh What rhymes with cahos?, I cant even make up any words for Volunteering. Is it the word or me, should i be doing something else that i can make words out of, like, i donno, ´Sitting on my ass´, all of a sudden i feel like playing scrabble and i´m getting flashbacks of that really bad wrestling in La Paz (that midget got pounded!!)

Ok, i can get ´ting´ out of sitting, i use that word often, to describe praticaly everything that doesn´t have a name in my head and there´s lots of things not in my head.

Hopefully if i fill my head with coffee, tings will get better, and they always do, tings, and it´s St Patricks day, a good excuse to misbehave, whats your excuse?

This monkey is called ´Cappuccino´ in spanish, in English, well, why do you think i wanted to learn Spaniah, Engrish failed me as a means of communication, throw it on the garbage heap i say!!

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