Thursday, 19 March 2009

Poorer of some hopes, but freer of some illusions

Lets talk about Willey the parrot, he spends most of his days hiding in the bushes, behind his perch to avoid other birds, the asshole birds, this is your life if your a little parrot, he´s by far the most popular animal there at La Senda Verda, probably because he will always sit on your hand and not bite you and you know where he will be, such a good little parrot.

We now have music in the Restaurant + CD´s to boot, Disco 1 - Disco 21, strangly enough most of the CD´s feature a song or 2 by Iron Maiden in the disco mix, Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin.

Yesterday i put on the Carpenters ´Yesterday once more´ after Black Sabbath´s ´Iron Man´, the best of both worlds or if i was into Quantam Physics, the best of 2 dimensions out of a possible of 5 co-existing dimensions, is 2 out of 5 a bad thing? And i still got some strange looks, but not from the monkeys and they are not allowed into the restaurant, but they get in sometimes and all hell brakes loose, cups and plates too!!

But what about food in Bolivia i hear you ask, to answer that question i must say...

I must be the only person, here or anyway (where are you?) who thinks food poisoning is the best thing thats ever happened to them, by not eating, i´ll re-phrase that one, by being afraid to eat, anything except coca leaves for over 4 weeks, i have managed to attain a size and weight i am quite happy with, since i have been here in La S.V, it´s been 3 meals a day, it has helped prop up the pants somewhat, but once i leave here again i know those food poisoning bugs will be laaying wait for me like some highway robber and leave me for dead along the road (it could be called death road for other reasons too, ya know)

Bloivia is the only place i have ever been that i would rather not eat at all, all the time. I have discovered i can live on Coca Cola for daze and daze, no problem at all, so whats the problem? I think it´s great, it´s really handy too if you have a few packed lunches, dinners and maybe a desert already stored waiting to be burnt off.

So if you come to Bolivia, stock up before hand, thats my only advice for you, that and buy low and sell high.

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