Thursday, 19 March 2009

Progress is the victory of laughter over dogma, divided by an Irish guy

Dey say, clothes makes the man, now we have a washing machine * 2 (mathamatical joke for those of you that were forced to go to Skool, it wasn´t a waste of time after all)

All this means is i don´t have to do any Bruce Springsteen impressions by any river, and we have 2, and doing peasant impressions scrubbing clothes, it´s not because i´m afraid of hard work, it´s just that i´m little and not very strong, peasants are good, pheasants too, if you have a gun you can shoot them, peasants no, well, not too many of them anyways.

Someone might report you to the cops and by then it might be too late to stick a few feathers on them and claim you saw the peasant fly, that wouldn´t stick, feathers neither me thinks, just let the peasants scrub their clothes. Me? I´ll avail of the washing machine and no one will get hurt, feelings and all. Clothes clothes, i have clean clothes, i will have clean clothes!!!

Isn´t that something to shout about? Write home about? No? Post on the net? Why not? There´s a lot worse bullshit to read, and you read that here!!!

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