Monday, 23 March 2009

Rain rain, go away

So it´s been 2 weeks on, the spider monkeys were doing their rain dances again, they must of they look gangsta, Snoop Dogg style, anyways come the morning, it´s still raining hard again and i had a choice (truth of the matter is we all have choices
and some make the wrong choices all the time)

Anyways the choice was go feed some animals in the rain and be an eco warrior volunteer, or not go out in the rain and not be a volunteer and pay full price, it was already twice as expensive as anywhere else.

I chose not to be a volunteer, i´m sure my mother would be proud, for once. The other eco warriors dont have a problem with the rain, is it any wonder thay have all been sick? But what would Dr Gregory House say? What would Brian Boy Dando do?
Should i have donned my birthday suit and braved the elements? Does my birthday suit still fit me?

I´ve had 2 weeks here anyways, i´ve taken all the photos anyone could take. I´m sure thats only %5 compared to the other wanna be photographers.

So it´s time to go back to La Paz + do the San Pedro prison tour. An english guy i met in Santiago in the red house hostel at Christmas told me there is a new tour in the maximum security prison for the rapists and murders, it´s a good place to buy and do drugs i hear.
Someone was telling me how a Canadian guy got caught with a gram and got 9 months, so it does have it´s drawbacks, you hear that kids?

Las Senda Verda
La Senda Verda

At the end of the "World's Most Dangerous Road" bikers going down with Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking and interest tourists can visit this animal refuge. There are close to 100 animals, including monkeys, parrots, coati, tortoise and even an Andean Bear. With proper guiding you can get into personal contact with almost all these animals. The place serves lunch for the bikers and is a hotel as well. They also accept volunteers.
More info: .

Anyways, i had my fun, learnt to do back flips in the pool, started swimming again, took lots of cool photos (even of the cats), i would highly recommend it, but not in the rainy season.

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