Monday, 23 March 2009

Sneachta is a legend, i think?

Letter from the mother

Sneachta was in a fashion show down in colista with sarah they were doing paris hilton with her chihuahua, he went down a treat. He was very bold he a right nobber he was mating with cloie and when he got stuck he was lying on his back on the ground because his legs were too short, and when she moved she was graging him around too.

I had to keep them apart and the howling of him, So cloie was in the run, and i had him on the extending lead that goes in and out he was tied to a sun chair in the garden, And what did he do next, he dug a hole into the run , still howling to get at her, had her in the back hall, and he went under the boards under the door tore the insulation off the pipes, what do u think of him now

He was worth every penny!!

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