Monday, 23 March 2009

Sol Y Luna, the arrival

Arouma the bear (There are only 1500 of these bears in the world, it´s more rare than a panda)

Got a ride from Vickey from La Senda Verda to Corico, she was surprised with me leaving. I told her i could not go out in the rain, she didn´t want to get involved and you couldn´t blame her, she has gringos out in the pissing rain feeding her animals, so anyways she invited me for a frappachino + we talked about her next business venture of a gringo run hostel which would be a cracker of a business, if she got the right gringo to run it for her, it would be a perfect break from La Paz, Drinking, drugs to peace and quiet a huge swimming pool.

So, knowing i like swimming, she recommended a hostel called ´Sol Y Luna´, it´s got 2 pools, none are big enough to do laps, or back flips, so i will be going to the village to swim in the pool there (it´s all part of my new healthy lifestyle, i´ve made the choice, but how long can it last?) and it´s got an amazing view too!!

So i was singing ´In the garden of Eden´ from the Simpsons the whole time

Jimmy´s head reminds me of Sneachta

Anyways i´ve arrived in paradise, the garden of eden would be just like this (i cant believe they didn´t call it that) and there are snakes here too, naked chicks? No, not out in the open anyways, i will try and not be tempted, but how long could that last?

Indulgence will be mine!!
In Chile they say, ´Give in to all the vices´, and why not?

Since original sin is already here, what could happen if i listened to a snake? And there are poisonous ones here too!

Yesterday at La Senda Verda they chopped off the head of a snake, St Patrick would have been proud, off with the Diamond backs head!!

Note to reader: Since St Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, he was a regular anti-Steve Irwin, sent to piss off all the snakes and since there probably wasn´t any snakes here anyways.

In the first place, there was an Ice age in Ireland, Wolly Mammoths (hairy elephants) bears, wolves yes, slimy snakes who liked hot weather, no! Cant believe that, just another tall tale by some Irish guy probably with some Americans in the audience.

Hey I´m Irish, except all my stuff is true (and if you believe that you should also check out god, the American dream, Santa Clause, i´m just like when i comes to recommending stuff)

In the second place, there is no second place, it´s only a story and in third place, no one remembers who comes in second place, except for Brian Boy Dando.

Arouma, i see you!!!

Anyways it was Bastille day (Anna from France said it was on the 18th Feb, but it´s actually 14th July 1789) for snakes and the guy who did the chopping speaks French, his girlfriend is French, viva la revolution or what ever they say in France, probably ´No smoking here´ (in a snooty accent) But i am French!! I think my mothers grandfather was French.

Now stop reading lies no one else would publish and check out some porn of something,if quantum physics has taught us anything it´s that by observing things we can influence their outcome, if this works in the lab, i think it would work for porn, so do your bit and get observing, science more than ever needs you. so many questions are unanswered. So do it for Queen and country (If you dont have a queen, i had a queen once.

Some English says ´Oi mate, you dissin our queen of somfin´

I had a jack + Joker too, i felt like a winner and winners are grinners

Just check out the porn and do some observing, do experiment stuff (with a white coat), a white coat is important, how could a porn star take you seriously any other way, seriously?

Let me know of your ´ discovery's ´, and not the ones that end in ´bation´, yep just like ( think)

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