Thursday, 19 March 2009

Some notes from a far off land

Some museings.....
Saw a guy with a T-Shirt with Disinformation and check this out also

Natzi´s in South America, everybody knows those Natzi´s love to tango.

If the party doesn´t get you the rythem will.

Mr Tom Robbins cites a relationship can sometimes fufill a person, a collision can transform them.

It is hard to imagine an old fire horse noty responding to one last bell.

A spider monkey was doing all kinds of Spider man poses this morning, cant wait to see a spider pig, lets see what you can do....oink...oink?

Sometimes we are all like caged animals, one animal fucking the other.

You were looking for the key for years, but the door was always open.

What is a Faux pas?

The term ´Hoser´ comes from a movie called ´Strange Brew´

Brazil movie with Terry Gilligan with Robert De Niro

Check out book about Thomas Crapper (inventor of the toilet) called ´Flushed with pride´

My anti-St Patrick stance is to educate ye willing to read about pre-St Patrick Ireland and the way of life he helped destroyed, pre-St Patrick we had the Brehon Laws, so why dont you start there?

Before enlightenment you will hew wood and carry water, after enlightenment you will hew wood and carry water.

What are Roberts rules?

Story of the Welsh Dragons
and Japanese Dragons

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