Saturday, 21 March 2009

Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, all must be tasted

Well enough of Chinese proverbs

Words from Nikita

Listen up kids

It was the Saturday before Paddys day and all through the night (night being the morning) not a creature was stirring (creature not stirring being parrots squawking incessantly) not even a mouse (a mouse being Jimmy the squirrel monkey)

Well it was that sort of day, not in so many words, and then.....

Met an Americano, she was telling me a story, it starts off

I heard, ´I met a man whore and he broke my leg´
She said, ´I fell in a manhole and i broke my leg´, so i suppose the moral of the story is if you encounter manholes and man whores do not cross them, makes sense i guess, or else someone brakes a leg, it´s still better than someone losing an eye, that can happen too, especially when there is fun and games envolved.

The Wild Rover, La Paz, too much fun

So if you ever see someone Male or Female with one eye and a broken leg, you could read the situation as they rubbed a man whore up the wrong way and had too much fun and games, but since we have parrots here at La Senda Verda, you could get an eye patch, get the wonkey leg chopped off, switch it for a wooden leg (wood is very cheap!!), stick the parrot on your shoulder (Willey the parrot i´m thinking?), find an old treasure map and ´Hey Presto´, your now a pirate on a treasure hunt. Exciting times we live in hey?

Witches market in La Paz

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