Monday, 23 March 2009

The spider monkeys are at it again!!

Argentineans must be the easiest people in the world to hang out with, it goes without saying, if they are eating, your eating, drinking, your drinking, having sex? Er, i dont know about that one, maybe you can listen at the door, maybe, maybe not?

All the Argentineans i meet make jewellery and are sleeping in tents, the 2 guys i met at the African music festival are in my tent, bought in Argentenia, but it rains too much here to use a tent, but if your broke and you have to make a few thousand knots to pay for a hotel room, tent it is.

And those spider monkeys keep doing that rain dance!!!

Interesting fact, which might be interesting, but not nessicarly true anyway he wrote ´If you teach a spider monkey to masterbate, he will do it until he dies´

No one taught me how to do it, is that the reason i´m still alive?

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