Friday, 20 March 2009

There is no difference between rich and poor, except poverty

Do you know what i thought to myself? I said i think i will write in a new pen. Black is the color of my true loves hair, not so true, but it is true for the pen, for those of ye tuning in online, maybe i will give you a font change, maybe not.

Sucre Swiss guys birthday drinking game

Got to play with the baby spider monkey ´Nina´ today, her last owners bought her, and had her in an apartment in La Paz, but as all monkeys, she got out of control, they even called her ´Martin´, not biology experts (can you see why i don't want to have to go to a doctor in Bolivia?)

I told one of the owners Vicky that so many women want baby's, i just want a baby spider monkey, they don't eat much and they are very quiet.

Now all i got to do is find out how i make a spider monkey (is it legal?) My dog Alf (RIP) was trying for years to make a dog/cat animal, at least he tried, most dogs wouldn´t even bother!

Spider monkeys have 4 fingers and 5 toes (it´s feet are very like a human hand) It´s got a wicked tail, pity my tail fell off thousands of years ago, it´s great for hanging on to things, but probably not so good for getting into night clubs, ´Sorry buddy, not tonight with that tail´.

If it´s not one thing, it would be another, maybe things is good the way things is, my bad grammar, spelling mistakes, font and color (black is not a color, but it is the color of some chicks hair)

Swiss guys birthday in Sucre

Black is the shade of spider monkeys, grammar is getting better, could i be turning a corner? Not on your life. Maybe i was saving it for a rainy day. Now it´s stopped raining, it´s time to get back to the way i woz. Get it? ´I´m an animal lover, an animal lover´ to quote Dirt Nasty.

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