Sunday, 22 March 2009

Want to know something interesting?

Met an English guy Steve, he´s been to college and everything, he probably went to all his classes and took notes and left a aple on his teachers desk (Steve if your reading this, i´m talking about another English)

Anyway he´s got a face like he´s been beaten 1 too many times with an ugly stick.

Isn´t the human mind a wierd device, this blog posting was going to be educational and informative, but it doesn´t make it untrue.

Anyways he was telling me about ´Dialectic´
Thesis, Antithesis = Synthesis (A+B=C)
Capitalist + Communist = Socialist (see Karl Marks)

And then i thought of it as Revelation, Revolution = Evolution

And then i thought it started off as a Revelation of coming to La Senda Verda for rehab, a sort of Revolution against the civil war that was going on in my body and mind, now i think i have evolved into Kieran Version, 2 weeks of clean living can do wonders, just look at me!!!

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