Sunday, 22 March 2009

When the shortest answer is doing

Jimmy thinks he´s at a Rodeo
i was walking to the restaurant in La S.V. and i saw one of the parrots.

So with a slim cannon in my pocket, no bulges (Camera´s not mine but i did try buying one in NY, but thats already been reported) courtesy of Diana, i started the photo shoot, the bird is coming down to me and i put out my hand to take him, he goes to bite me, he´s not looking too happy.

It seemed to me what he was saying was ´Feck off out of here or i´ll bit yer finger off´, he didn´t look like he had much of a sense of homor.

Parrots are classic grumpy old men, except for Willey, this is why you need to take care of yer Willey.

But after talking to a local expert from Wales, where Parrots are abundant, lets call him Dave. Dave says ´Parrots test out branches with their beaks first to see how sturdy they are, maybe he was testing out your finger.

Well, if he was testing the finger, the finger failed that test, so now my body is failing test´s, is it any small wonder i´m still alive?

When i was a kid, my brain kept failing tests, now it´s the body, it´s slippy road.

And then i spent the rest of the day (pissing some people off) singing this song

And Dave should know after all, he´s from a place in Wales called ´Snowdonia´, sounds like a happy tropial place right? Err...actually, sounds like a place out of Harry Potter. :)

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