Thursday, 19 March 2009

The world is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel

I laugh in the face of death, the road
From And the man said

Things to check out, oh sorry, i forgot to say hello, Shut up, hello, i thought you (me in 10 years time would be interested in this, it´s just like something out of Buck Rodgers, but that´s another story)

Well anyways check out a book called ´Lessons for young boys from the life of M. Gandhi´

I read a nice little phrase a few daze ago, ´They remain slaves because they cannot see what is beautiful in this world´, i would somewhat agree, i kinda have to, since soon i wont have any money and i will have to make do with the best things in life, i´m told they are free, i plan on getting a student card too before i hit oz, so at least some things will be discounted, anyway who would believe i´m a consultant?

On the way back on the death road
From And the man said

Ok, down to business

What do you get if you cross a squirrel monkey and a little kitten? I don´t know either, but but if you´d like to take a seat with me and flip through a readers digest magazine, maybe we could both learn? And contribute to science, because don´t you know, science has so many questions and maybe we could answer one of them, and maybe science will stop asking so many feckin questions?

Like what happens if you cross a squirrel monkey and some chicks ear?

Look, i´m thinking, squirrel monkeys need some sex education (Can you draw pictures readers? Yes? You do the pictures and i´ll ´Do´ the words and maybe we can educate our friend Jimmy.)

From And the man said

We are talking about the reproductive quality´s of a little squirrel monkey here, the world does not need more love, it needs a squirrel monkey directing their love in the right direction (not in some chicks ear or kitten love)

What The World Needs Now Is Love - Burt Bacharach

After all you could be thrown out of clubs for that kind of thing, that´s what i i´ve learnt anyways, you need to learn from your mistakes, not that trying new things is a mistake, ears are for other things, like listening for peoples footsteps while your masturbating, leave the ears alone, they are already working overtime, yea hear me?

From And the man said

Although kittens are cute, i´m thinking a few carefully drawn pics could do the trick, as you can probably tell, words make feck all difference, the great philosopher George W. Bush doesn´t trust books, and they are full of words, case closed for words, hit them with pictures, it´s all up to you and me, well more you than me, me?

I´m waiting for an alien abduction, not so much an abduction as, where can i get a ticket out of here?

A one way to Sirrus A or B please!

The not so luck people that went down the death road
From And the man said

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