Sunday, 22 March 2009

You need to look after you Willey, if you have one.

The Eels (Birds)

Willy everyones favourite parrot has a cough. Since he got his new house last week with the fencing to keep the Mac Caws from stealing his food, he has spent most of his time outside it.

I´m thinking maybe he wants to rent it out. He´s going in the bushes like he did before, maybe he needs to advertise it on Craigslist (Americas biggest pimp) or in the local newspaper? (I wont go on about literacy rates, but before coming back this morning, a local guy was looking at my notebook with awe, like it was the book of kells, i will admit it is good my notebook, it doesn´t have all the nessicary gold trimming)

Anyway Willey needs to move with the times, since he only eats bannana + corn and that is served to him 3 timse a day. What kind of financial incentives could ne possibly recieve by renting it out? The mind boggles, a bit of part time loving? Gotta think like a parrot and all of a sudden i feel like having some bananna and having my nalis painted again.

There´s never a Dutch chick around when you want one.

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