Saturday, 28 March 2009

You should get out of those wet clothes and into a dry Martini

Volunteers in La Senda Verda

Got to Tocaño, i´m doing my part. What is my part again? If i was an actor, i would have some Karoke screen telling me what to say, some quotes come to mind, let me share them with you, the informed reader (thats you yea big eejit)

Politician who gave a speech was questioned about something he said, he said ´I didn´t write that´, fair enough, he was probably telling the truth, and that can be a good thing!

A review of an actor ´He was natural and gifted on stage, it was only when he was off stage was he acting´

1 and a half year old Arouma
Feeding time at the zoo

Back to Tocaño, let me tell you about it, it has 30 family's, it´s another place that has political meetings that go on all fuckin day and you´d better sit through their 5 hour meeting or else bad things will happen, thats what it´s like in Corico anyways, so i dont see how it would be any differnt here.

Since the government is decentralized in Bolivia (this would seem like a good thing). If you have a problem, the guy to see is down the road, yes, but if that guy is power hungry, ignorant and uneducated, it could be a real fuck up, if you have land , not so if you breeze in and out, like me (and i´m like me)

Some old woman that lost her leg didn´t go to their meetings, so they too her land off of her.

Some old man used a part of land that wasn´t his for years, so they took his land off of him, he was in his 80´s, it goes on.

It´s not all peaches and cream for some, for me it´s Peaches and cream, who ate all the fuckin ice-cream!!

Back to Tocaño

One of the owners Marsellas

I dont know anymore, i just got here, the african drumming will start later. I could make stuff up, you would´t know the difference. I could play god, i could create hills and Casinos and bring Dinosaurs back to life, they would use Politicans as tooth picks, and about time too!!)

And since you read it all, it would exist in your mind. But i´m not going to playing with nature (what are the rules?), so i´ll leave it alone.

Now i´m off to check out some Dinosaurs and put $20 on black, i read soewhere that have all that stuff here somewheres.

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