Sunday, 22 March 2009

Your ass is full of Spaghetti

Spider monkeys remind me of Snoop Dogg, fo shizzle.

In France, well, in France they have lots of things, they are very differnt to you or I (in fact most of them wouldn´t understand any of this, but i digress)

In France they have some interesting sayings, one of them when they say your lucky is ´Your ass is full of Spaghetti´, what would you expect from a nation that spends their idle moments making love with their faces? But i digress.

Chica (The pervert), howler monkey

Another saying is when someone buys a round of drinks, you say ´Cheers to the fuckin idiot who bought these drinks´, one time Anna (from France) said this and it was her dad that bought the drinks and he was sitting next to her!!

I met an english guy when i was swimming laps who i met in the Red house, in Santiago, he remembered me, it´s the the story of my life, that how it was in Sydney, every week someone, it was always a good experience and i somehow always made a good impression. After 5 minutes, i always managed to figure out how i met them, I digress, to nothing.

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