Tuesday, 28 April 2009

If you have anal sex, don´t eat corn, and my advice on mounting Lamas

Advice to Brook, from some Swiss chick......about corn

Brook says on her Facebook
Smashed the mango and is running the streets with a megaphone...

Some guys says
Fuck you for smashing my pet mango!!!

I love it!!!!

I heard about a movie called ´Drug store cowboys´, starring William S Burrows, so check it out!

I read Leonard Cohens ´It´s probably spring´ and i liked it.

So check Leonard Cohens out here

Brook from Oz, is curious and asks ´How do you mount a lama?´ and from watching a dog today, trying to mount a dog twice his size, the answer would have to be readers (everyone can learn from this), anyway you fucking well can!
This dog, i have to tell you, tried everything, he was on differnt step levels, but he never gave up (i wouldn´t have even bothered trying.......if i was a dog)

But, there were 2 chicks sitting on the steps below these (gay) dogs, and they were humping near their ears, oh how i laughed!

Heard Carole King in Copacabana in Bolivia

Now, i saw a little pig on Isla del sol try and mount a bigger pig and for all my laughing, seeing him run after the bigger pig, after over 10 min of this carry on, the 2 trotters on the bigger pigs back (cos thats how the does it, pigs), the bigger pig stopped running and started eating something against a wall, the little pig, well he got it ´Home´, case closed, mmission impossible!!

Now, Woody Allen once said (and probably still does, he´s still alive) ´Success is 80% about showing up´, so keep trying, get up on a step and 80% of the time, you will mount that Lama.

Sound fair enough?

Carole King, so far away

When i wrote Lama, it looked like Lamb, so you could try mounting one of those too, from Lama to Lama to Dali Lama?


No thats going too far. Why would you need to know any of this anyways?

Is porn getting that bad, you have retorted in Wreading, not reading?

Curiousity did kill the cat, or the mounted Lama, i tried mounting one earlier to test some of my ideas, and then i gave it the kiss of life, this was the final blow.

Don´t do it!!

You comments Wreaders, questions?

Still curious?

Lets go through the fire, Ahyuasca ceremony Scene 1, take 3

El Choro treck

When the Ayhuasca was at it´s strongest, i saw a sort of Asian man smiling behind Tulassi, i remembered him telling me how sometimes his master comes and visits him while he is doing his ceremonys and i was like ´His boss is here checking up on him, and he doesn´t look too upset´ and it was kina cool, his mentor was there too.

Before i was unsure about spirits and the like, but now i know there is something definatly to it, seeing is believing.
I wonder will Santa Clause find me in Oz, i want to believe, i want to believe.

When the plant kicked in i felt my head being lifted up.

I remember thinking how writing for me is like an overflow for my thoughts, in the same way that crying is an overflow for humans, humans evolved to cry, it is un natural, homosapiens did not cry, maybe writing is un natural for me, thank god someone took the time to invent the internet!!

I was trying to explain from Paul from Melbourne how Charles Darwin got his idea of evolution from an economist Adam Smmith, the theory is called The Invisible hand

When Kieran felf like talking, i was starting to think. Am i talking too much? Tulassi isn´t saying too much, but he said there are no rules, only exceptions.

This is all science ever discovers or proves, the exceptions to the rules.

You make exceptions for exceptional people.

There was no come down from the plant, it was on and then it was off, there was too much to take in and understand and now to write down and see the clear picture, and now there is no clear picture, only the signpost to Oz and a clear canves. Where are my crayons?

Everything makes so much sense again.

I remember telling Tulassi about the Matrix scene where the guy gets distracted by the beautiful girl. The girl is a test, he took his eye off of what matered. Now i feel like i´m back on track, in a positive way, with thought and enthusim.

The Matrix ref is, how i should pay more attention to the now in my movements and thoughts, maybe think of the outcome before acting?

(Director shouts: Cut, and print it)

Lets go through the fire, Ahyuasca ceremony Scene 1, take 2

Who wrote this, own up whoever you are, or burn in eternity, i am god!!!

When i got back to my room, after (Lets go through the fire, Ahyuasca ceremony Scene 1, take 1) i set the alarm to see the sunrise, but i couldn´t have been arsed getting out of bed.

There were no ordinary moments, another thing that was revealed to me is that is start using my intuition and getting in touch with my female side (i do like my nails painted), this side of me has been repressed, not the nail painting :)

For the Tarot cards, it was ´How the outside world influences the present state´, do i need retail therapy?

Brian from Melbourne, summed up the key points of the Scottish ´Lady´

But after the Ahyuasca wore off, Kieran started talking and talking, it felf like a chill out room at a rave in Australia. I´m so glad i´m going back to Oz (even though half of the aussies i meet dont underatand me anyways), i have a big canvess to paint and as Norah Jones would say ´If i was a painter, i would paint my reverie´.

I always had my reverie, since i left Oz, and maybe like the stockmarket, there is what you have and what Mr Market says you have, when Mr Market tells you it´s not worth what you want to be worth, you go into a panic, but you still have that share and Mr Market can tell you somthing differnt tomorrow and you might be happier.

I can see the door halways been open for me, all i have to do is go in and say hello.

In La Paz, i was talking to a guy from OZ, suffering ´Kanya´ (when your fucked up and everyone else is normal), me too, he went to get a taxi to the airport, i said he probably was going to say to some taxi driver ´Take me to where the planes are´, some chick there asked where i got that quote, i said my brain just told me. So she wrote it down, so i probably start quoting myself?

When i met Diana in Mexico, we were 2 people that needed each other´s help and i learnt some important lessons for the next big thing (the fresh start in Australia).

But i know where ever i am, i know Diana will understand me and forgive me and no one in the world knows me better and it might be some time before could beat her on a ´How well do you know this Irish guy´ test, but i´m now pretty excited about this fresh canves, i think i should buy a coloring book and pens and get some pratice!!

Lets go through the fire, Ahyuasca ceremony Scene 1, take 1

A note from my favourite nurse.

I call this story, the next day after the other day, the day the truth was revaled to me (10/04/2009)

Spent all day at Tulassi´s place, Brian from Melbourne rocked up after sunset, Maire (from New Brunswick) had soup cooked, with not that much love (her words, i was told it tasted great). Oh Caanada, doesn´t even know her national anthem, ever been to a hockey game love? It´s a Canadian thing, dont you know?

After dinner, myself and Tulassi trecked over to the next beach and into a little cave, no small feat or effort, but well worth it!!!

From inside the cave, we could look out east and see windblown waves, at the entrance of the cave, very cool.

This is for all the haters!!

So in we went, candle was lit and everything was lit, everything was layed out, all sorts or ornaments, from bones to teeth, his old pipe, some dead Condors head (called Conrad), with some cloth around him like a cape.

I was given the first shot, didn´t taste too bad, it had lots of lemon mixed in too, half an hour later i had another another shot (the dosage a little bit less this time), just as it kicked in.

So when it kicked in, the walls turned to link molicules, when i closed my eyes, colors were sirling in a kind of kalidascope, so i had to keep my eyes opened as it was too intense.

Notes from Tulassi

So you are supposed to ask the plant for something before you start, i said acceptance of the past and show me the direction in the future.

I can now see that when i go back to Australia, my life will be a fresh canves, a new start, everything good or bad are just lessons i need to learn for this new start.

The Tarot cards did say for the future, i will have to initiate future plans with thought and enthusisim, so this is the way.

I saw that i used to know so much spirutal stuff, but never praticed it, the plant and the tarot cards revealed this, i need to get back to the person i was before i arrived in Australia, staying at a optium weight being one of the key points.

It was interesting learning juggeling also, i did say i´d leave the island when i could juggle. As soon as you throw one ball up, you let the other one go, let it go, let it go, nothing is permanent, from thoughts to land occupation and ownership.

Even though i didn´t go to the Astral (you shoot up to outer space, i´m told), i learnt enough and i can see the next direction.

Trying to look the Teacher part

Tulassi said my vomit was a bit white (white not being a sign of innocence), it could tie in with the Devil card that showed up in my Tarot, the Devil being the Slim shady that comes out in me sometimes, health clean living is the way forward for me.

After all this was revealed, tulassi started singing a song and as he was singing, i though, ´I´d love to hear the Cassidy song and then he said ´Speak his name and you were born to be´

Cassidy, ´Speak his name and you were born to be, oh to be, Neil Cassidy´ I will be getting that tattoed on my arm

It was Brilliant!!! He sang the first vere again for me, i think it is from the Grateful dead, i will be learning it!!

The book ´On the road´, influenced me to go to America and in many ways i was similar to the character Neil Cassidy, at least i related to that cahracter more than any other character i have ever read.

To paraphrase Cassidy, in ´Oh the road´ book says ´The differnce between people who travel and dont travel is people who travel dont worry about where they sleep or eat or get gas, people who dont travel worry about these things so much, they dont go, and all you havr to do is go´

I´ve tested this and i know, it´s true, but thats another story

So the plant worked pretty strong for a while and then it wore off, we took a bit more twice , nut niothing much happened and reality became my reality and all the time i´m watching the wind blown waves on the lake from this cave.

In Color

It was the perfect place, a full moon, the day of the warrior on the Myan calender, the tarot cards revaled to me that i was in the warrior mode. PERFECT!!!

Tulassi checked the time and it was only 1am, it felf like we were there all night, so around 2-230 we left just as a storm was coming in, i walked back to the hostel, as i got back, the rains started.

Monday, 27 April 2009

How the night time sings

Meself and Anna from France

This Thin Lizzy song comes to mind, maybe it´s beacuse the sun is going down?

Met a bunch of English guys from England (where else?) and one of them said, ´It´s great go go travelling and go back to Australia and not some shithold like England, i would agree, i am going back to Melbourne. I have to be back by December, it will summer time and i am starting to get phyced up for it.

Christmas with my auntie Theresa in western Australia, might get a move on after the weekend for Peru, i did say 1 more night, last weeke, but who listens to me anyways? Not that you´d want to, do you hear me? Did you hear what i said to you?

You can leave a comment if you like, dont be a stranger

I was thinking about Brooks Williams, i met him years ago in Cork, i was haggeling with him buying some of his albums. I was thinking of his song ´How the night time sings ´

All the signs are good for the Ayhuasca ceremony

The Ayhuasca ceremony is on for the full moon tomorrow (9/04/2009).

Tomorrow being the day of the warrior in the Myan calender, Maire from Canada did my Tarot cards.

It would appear, i am in the warrior mode and i was thinking of a book called ´The way of the peaceful warrior´ as she did my cards, all the signs are there (if you can read them, who needs GPS?

I remember reading some spiritutal belief, whenever you meet someone, it is because they have something to tell (there is a message they are supposed to tell you)

The Aussies did tell me about the Haikus poetery, might have to check it out.

When i got to Isla del sol with the 2 Aussies, i was telling them how i got out too much money and how i was goingto do a rap video and make it rain, except it was already raining, i know because my head was wet. So ended my bright rap career

I read a book once, it was green

I remember Tulassi telling me, if your going to do something, do it and just enjoy it. Since i feel it worth writing down, it´s probably worth remembering, so dont forget it.

So, i´m back on the beach on Isla del Sol, sitting in front of Tulassis place, how could i have left? Er Kieran, updating your blog, the big list of things you had to do, shopping for Tulassi, ok, ok, i get it, but now i´m back by the beach and it´s sunshine, happiness, blue skies....

I met 2 Aussie chicks that live near town (the stomping grund of Kieran in Sydney), oh those were the daze, these are the daze too. This much i am sure about.

When you stop travelling, you think of moments like this, i dont have to go to business meetings.

The time flew with the aussies, it was fun, dont try this at home kids. I´d doubt they made their boat on the other side of the island.

But now is Semana Santa and prices go up a lot, their hotel is going up to 80 Bolivanos from 25, time is money and money is er, just money i guess, the Aussies were so pushed of time, they didn´t see the ruins where they kept the virgins for the sun god, or where the sun moon and stars was born.

Maybe dancing with the stars would have been more their thing, i just dont know, one of them did history in college.

Maybe the history love affair is over? But i was introduced to Haikus poetery

Time management and Juggling

The zoom on the camera broke taking this shot

I would like to discuss the topics listed i the title, the first one doesn´t exist.

Sun goes up and sun goes down, when it´s up, you get up, down, you sleep and what a sleep too you start to feel normal after a week of this. Whats normal again?

Juggling, i was thinking today, when i get the hang of juggling, i could say to people ´I´d rather be playing with my balls´ and when everybody is thinking ´Did he really just say that´, i´d take out the juggling balls and give it a go and then tell them about the cancer i had and the cure (not the band).

I once worked with a chick in Sydney (Kirsten, god knows how i remember her name), anyway´s, one of her friends had a testicle remover and his catch phrase was ´I dont have the balls to do that.

Anyways, maybe one day i might go to China and get a testicle from an excuted prisoner, well you can get a liver or kidney, it´s big business there, why not a testicle?

Now learning time, an Aussie chick was telling me about this poetery, it´s called Haikus

5 Syllabels
7 Syllabels
5 Syllabels

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they dont make sense

Sometimes, it´s like this, sometimes.........

When i meet other people, sometimes, i am at times, well i wouldn´t say shocked, but supried how they think. I´ll give you an example, i have been living outside of Ireland for about 10 years, but when i go home i feel like i dont really get Irish people, at least the ones from Cork, anyways i can identify more with Aussies (even though most of them dont understand me (i´m still learning to speak slowley)

Old convent ruins, Isla del sol

But at least the Aussies will get up and have a dance and not be too judgemental, i know i grew a lot in Oz. No one would laugh at you if you have an idea or suggestion, it is the land of opportiunty. A guy like me can do very little and do very well (hey, i´m a guy like me!!!)

Sunday, 26 April 2009

My life is a big play, where´s the director´s notes?

One of the things i hope this blog is achiving for me is that, in the process of writing all this writing i have done, i will be more honest, more importantly, more honest with myself, maybe this all part of the precess of becoming, with only people that i give the blog address to reading it.

I feel that i have come a long way in the last few years and i feel like i´ve come to a point where i really wanted to have kids with someone and dealing with those hopes being dashed, to being pointed in a new direstion.

I feel like i have achived everything i have ever wanted to do, so in some ways and i am starting again and reevaluating about who i am and it feels good, dont get me wrong, i have learnt lotsand Buddists will tell you, your biggest enemy is your greatest teacher.

No one has been hurt along the way, but the lessons have been learnt. I now face going back to Australia in December. I have me dream i always wanted since i was a kid coming home in the cold and rainm, i am really feeling this transition in my self, the terrible 32´s i guess?

Some people say i´m crazy, but the more i think about it, for someone to have done all the things i have done in my life, you´d have to be a bit mad. I meet few people that go anywhere by themselves, not that i´m complaining, but sometimes you have to be crazy to stay sane in this crazy world. Maybe?

Maybe i´m just an actor, and i´ve been playing this role, maybe it´s time to switch it for ham and cheese roll?

But at the end of the day, as long as you have a laugh (and a dance, even better), things aren´t too bad.

I am very grateful for my life and all the people that have taught me vital lessons along the way, i am truly the lucky one.

Did someone say ´I did it my way´, because, you know, i have and that feels good too.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

I should have went to a sperm bank, instead of the other kind....

My school, the kids call me Teacher, good job i didnt waste time in College trying to be one

Will i tell you about the time i went to a bank and instead of saying 700 Bolivinaos i said 7000 Bolivinaos?

Well, all this happened.

If honesty was my only excuse, ok, so this is my excuse, i was watching the Champoins league, United V Porto and when it was over, i though i`d go and get free money from my UK credit card, i only wanted about 700, instead i said 7000, my mind was saying to me, say what you want in english, but no, but as you know, english hasn`t served me too well over the years, not many people understand me.

I can add Spanish to that list, how many other languages are there?

I am going back to Isla del Sol, with more money than a rapper need wo uld need for a music video on MTV, maybe i will `Make it rain`

I can see the headlines, "Irish rapper makes it rain on Isla del Sol", too cool for school.

All i wanted was to watch some soccer and not worry about money. I could probably stay out on Isla del Dol for a year, good job i bought juggeling balls, i have time.

Time is on my side, it sure is, it sure is:)

Everything is Espactularmente

Fred and myself, we met 2 years ago in Columbia, Freds worked since then, not me!

So i asked some Aussies playing scrabble if they could think of a new word, i had exhausted the word "Amazing" and "Fantabelous", doesnt really cut itfor me, so i was watching Arsenal in the Champions league and the commentator said "Espactularmente" and my brain said, "Thats the word for you, me boy"

So be it, people tell me i make things up and maybe i do, so whay not make up a few words and get the credit for it (Did someone say glory), i am an Artist, let the tantrums begin!

Chinese whispers in Bolivia (dont get soya sauce in my ear)

Little miss Austria (AKA Doris) Chinese whispers with Gilles from Portugal, and i get the blame, but they were playing Chinese whispers, maybe they should work for the ´The news of the world´? or ´The weekly world news ´,

I´d quite like a story of myself and some Alien abduction on the Isla del sol (only because i cant think of a Alien scenario myself)

Anyways after telling everyone i didn´t like working in the rain, to give it some logic to all you nerds out there.

IF weather = RAIN THEN Kieran stays inside
IF weather = NOT RAIN THEN Kieran can go outside (and something else about work, but that doesn´t make any sense anyways)

But you get the point.

After all my careful explaining to Doris (from Austria), she tells the Eco Warriors at La Senda Verda that i was out in the rain feeding animals while they were inside.

I have to laugh, isn´t the human brain a wonderful thing after all?

Whenever i play Chinese whispers, i get Soy sauce in peoples ears, i guess im not cut out for it. But Doris, she did tell me her family are ashamed of her for travelling for 4 months and not working and doing all the things a great Austrain would do.

She wants to find herself and figure out what she wants to do in her life.

Look no further Doris, you should work for the Sunday World, its about the only paper people with any intellegence would refuse to eat chips from, give them a call, your desiny awaits, people that read pictures are human beings too, and they might need you comic skills.

You cant fall off of a mountain, you can only run down it

This title is a quote from Neil Cassidy

Instead of saying ´He should be lynched´, you could say something like, how they do in Chile ´He should go to the top of a hill´

The best thing about writing stories (instead of telling them) is that the written word can be edited and reedited, but the verbal teller could run the risk of being branded a lyer, thief, racist, idiot or worse a Christian.

I went to the top of a hill yesterday, it was for the sunset actually and the views, well i dont want to use the word Amazing, i´ve used it too much, and Fantabelous, not too original.

i could revert to Australian slang and say it was sick, which would describe my ass this morning (it sent a signal to my brain at 4am to get up and unleach a kind of explosion that´s`probably banned in most countries in the world (i could licence it to the US, they would call it a ´Tatical advantage´, quite so, but i wasn´t feeling too tatical)

But here i am to tell the tale, i might borrow the word ´Stupendous´ for a bit, i´ll give it righ back!!

After sunset, myself and my sunset friends, 1 Dutch chick, 1 German chick and 1 Brazilian (not a chick) went to a Mexican restaurant. Couldn´t figure what the story with the place was, once every 15 min a waiter would appear and off he´d go again.

An English chick told me he went off to Narnia, i was waiting a little longer than i wanteed for my Margaritam i was getting twichy.

So on the way to the toilet i spotted out waiter in a tiny kitchen out the back, making up burritos (out burritos), the guy was a one man show, and the restaurant was busy too, he didn´t look too stressed either?

Gordon Ramsay, take not of this. But who could he get mad or give out to? This has to be Ramsay´s biggest problem, if he had to do the lot in a restaurant himself, no one would hear him say ´Fuck´ a thousand times and the like, it would be like that tree (you know the one that doesn´t make any noise, in some wood) and then people would start to think he´s a nice guy.

Hear no evi, see no evil...

You see, if i was telling you this, you´d be calling me a lying, racist, thieving, Christian idiot?

But because i wrote it, your thinking ´I wonder how the porn download is doing´? It doesn´t download by itself you know, porn is Stupendous :)

My thongs are no glass slippers

So in walks a chick to my room, about 20 years too young (to be legal), i try and say stuff to her, she says stuff to me, we are equally confused, she tries on my thongs, i´m no Cinderella and my thongs are no glass slippers, she´s left and something tells me this chick aint too bright, now i´m left with 1 thong.

Point made, the chase is on. It´s all about the chase, isnt it?

They´re starting earlier and earlier, or am i getting old or what?

I´m an animal lover, an animal lover............

Animal love

Would you believe it? Of course you would! Your reading it here, if you wanted to read something you absolutly couldn´t believe and shouldn´t, you should check out theaustralian.com.au

But once again, i thank you (the informed reader) for your loyality. What i wanted to say was, i walked over to just a about the South of the Island (on Isla del sol) by mistake (walking a differnt way, not with my hands), going another way through all the villages, the short way, it´s not listed on maps and to reward myself a beer was ordered and i am currently sipping and enjoying a magnificant view.

Oh the simple joys of life, my life. Should i have my own reality show readers?

Animal love 2

I was sitting under cover on on of the beaches on one of my walks, when a kid appears from no where, wanting to know if i have a ticket (you need ticket to walk here, next you´ll need a ticket to breathe) I showed him the ticket from the other day, i´d doubt they can read anyways.

How he spotted me i´ll never know, but being the only gringo, word must have hit the street (or sand). Good job he took his time tracking me down, or else he would have whitnessed me expelling hot air and waste where the sub dont shine, on the isla del sol. Where it´s always sunny and airy.

But some air shouldn´t be inhaled, and no one should charge you for it either, take my word for it!

Can you believe that? Why not, you wouldn´t read it anywhere else!

The arrival on Lake Titticata

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The world is our class, we´re all in differnt grades

Been walking all over the island, the place is a treasure trove of walking paths. Qualith, with the kind of scenery you´d attribute to China, country China with everyone growing their own crops.

It´s nice to seem but not the life for me.

Kids here dont have iPods (so lets forget the stuff about the iShuffel business), some carry transistor radios about with them. Last night in the restaurant in the North Island there was a really bad song on with an 8 year old girl singing and i was thinking how her daddy must be loaded and how he couldn´t hear how bad it is.

Maybe it´s like how parents dont find their kids screaming as say someone that lives with their cat, do you follow me?

And on top of this the DJ was talking over the song trying to be cool, except he was too old to be cool 20 years ago.

And i said, ´What kind of person listens to this fuckin shit?´ I need to take out the world map and take another look at where i am, anyways the birds seem to be doing a good job at entertaining me, the walks are great and i have sunshine and thats why i am here, 1 more week, it´s Yelapa (Mexico) meets the Arran islands (Ireland)

Trying to find the heart of lake Titticata

The Argentenians had a bit of a party last night, i could tell by the 4 bottles of rum outside the door on the table, but old Kieran was more interested in reading his book and having a sleep and sleep he did and i woke up thinking something wasn´t right.

It took me a while to figure it out (carry the 1, subtract the remainder from a bannana), the answer was i had only 1 sheet over me, the piece of shit blankets fell off the bed.
So i went out of the room to the toilet (this is what people in less developed countries do, oh yeah i could have pissed in a bucket in the corner, the emperors new bucket, but no one would have been too impressed, and in the morning i would be wondering why my feet are wet?)

So out i went anyways and the stars were the brightest i have seen since the slow boat trip in Laos in 1999 (i am showing my age here). Anyways it was amazing (gotta think of a new word instead of that word, ´Fantabelous´ ?

So i missed a bit of a party, a few years ago this would have been inconcieveable to be asleep while soem craic was going on.

But since every day is a party and if i´m awake or asleep, the party is on, i´m afraid to tell you the Argentenians missed the party (the stars too).

It was Fantabelous!!!

My Mayan horiscope

My Mayan horiscope, Galactic Mirror. Below is a poem made from combining your Tone Galactic and your Seal Mirror

White Galactic Mirror
I Harmonize in order to Reflect
Modeling Order
I seal the Matrix of Endlessness
With the Galactic tone of Integrity
I am guided by the power of Spirit
Didn´t walk over to the other side after all, i got the boat, and i left my tent on it, i went back for it and i was off again . Now we are in April, i guess, got to be back in Oz bt decemberm, got to stick in Peru, Brazil, America, Vancouver, who said the northern lights? NY for the new tattoo, home, Thailand (gotta get lots of student cards for the coming years) Malaysia, WA for Christmas with mmy auntie Theresa.

Wild times in the Wild Rover videos

You can do it put you back into it, i can do it put your ass into it!!

Went back to the north side again, and i went for a walk through all the crop fields to another side of the island, and sat on a rock and read my book and meditated.


10 out of 10 for all the old wommen working in the fields for all their hard work, old people are important after all.

Note to reader:
People here look old and then you see them beast feeding, Fuckin Fred from France told me he met a woman his age (33) and she looked over 50, no teeth (teeth can get in the way anyways, you have to be open minded sometimes) and for breast feeeding, if it feels good, do it, i think?

(so says Dr Kieran, i signed my name as Professor Kieran a few days ago, so i must be pretty confident, Brian from Melbourne signed his name as Doctor, he is thinking of going back to college to be a doctor, but why bother, the locals here will believe you anyways?)

So maybe the old women weren´t that old?

I am going to walk to the next village Cha Chuia, an italian guy told me, the walk is amazing. Sounds good to me, and i like that word Amazing too!!!

Met an Australian woman living in Peru, she gave me a list of things to do and see, one was volunteering in an orphananage and the like, as long as i dont have to feed kids in the rain, i think i´ll be ok, and i´ll be making the world a better place, for now, at least i wont be adding to the worlds problems.

Found this video too, from the ´Slainte´ session

North by noth west, on the Isla del sol

I walked over to the North of the island, you´ll be pleased to know (but thats another story). I saw this chick later, i thought i met before that she was from Calgery that i mistakenly asked if she was from New York (you know who you are), anyways, she was none of these people and she wasn´t from any of those places and after talking to her for 10 minutes i realised i didn´t know who she was, and so began the ´Get to know me´ process.

She was from New Brunswick (that´s Canada to the Layman), where? Ask the weather man, they haven´t got much weather there, not much to write home about anyways.

So after all this, nothing mattered in the world again and it didn´t make any differnce (a bit like the differnce between buddisim and christianity, depending on who´s telling the story, me, i´ve got the controls!!!

I´m telling the story, this makes me god, but this is not a religion lesson.

So anyways she started telling me about this Irish guy Shaeman Tulassi, so off i went to meet him.

On the Mayan horiscope, he´s a dragon, i´m a White Galactic Mirror (reflects and endless), we help each other apparently. He told me all about whet he did as soon as i met him, the Canadian was suprised, Dragons and Mirrors help each other dont you know, now i´m going back for one of the Ayhuasca ceramonys on Friday, sould be good, he says it´s good for healing (and i´m not talking about the word of any lord here, overlord maybe?)

The girl kept telling me she was a Nurse, and she´s French

So i will be stying on a bit here, and now i will have to walk to the other side of the island and change $$ and at a shit rate.

A hike 8kms over the mountain with all my stuff should keep me fit, fit is an interesting word to use, and i do.

Not a nurse shot :)

But i will see my Shaeman and get my insight and maybe see life differntly as opposed to now, i do miss having a laugh with D. , but as per Ned Kelly´s last words ´Such as life´

You gotta get down, to get up

When all is said and done, the sun goes down

Someone should have told that to the Egyptian pharo, that once sent a troop of men to kill the monster that swallowed the sun, it appears he wanted 24 hour sun, maybe he should have moved to Norway for the summer, true story.

And anyways the happy ending (if your waiting for one) is that it comes up too (the sun), i know this, i saw it, gonna stay one more night in the Isla del sol and pay in Americanom, i´ll probably get fleeced, but what the hell do i care? It´s my favourite place in the world and after all the money comes out of the wall, it´s that easy boys and guirls.

Myan Ruins

This morning after breakfast i will be walking over to the North side of the island to see the Myan ruins, minus broken down Rainers camera, the words will have to suffice, maybe i was taking too many photos and videos anyways?

Words are the new slick photo images (let´s not bring George Bush into this, i trust words and sometimes books, especialy where a girl says ´Call me now´, and i do and her sister Tiffany answers, Hello Tiffany!!)

Speaking of books, a lot of people have been asking me if i´m published or if i´m gonna get published, some said if i got published they would buy my book after me reading some stories in the Wild Rover ´Tell us another story Kieran´, it was a good laugh, so why stop there?

They sacrificed things here, people i think?

So this is something i will be activly looking into, or if you know reader, let me know, i´ve heard of online journals you can publish to. I am on to it.

If my book doesn´t outsell the bible, i will lose my faith in god.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The danger of staying too long, anywhere......

Videos are from the end of the 71kms El Choro treck

The danger in staying in Isla del sol is instead of being my being my favourite place in the world (did i tell you it has tons of donkeys, lamas and sunshine?)

I could have a bad experience (in writing experience i mistakenly wrote sexperience, hmm.. strange that, brain what are you trying to say? .......... silence)

I could get sunburned, bitten by a donkey, chased by a lama (they are very terratorial) and then it would be my 10th favourite place in the world and i´d be back to square one when people ask me where my favourite place in in the world and my response would be silence as my brain tries to compute the best place i have ever been in the world question and suntract all the alochol and try to bury the remainder in the garden.

But maybe 1 more night here might be in order, then it´s here i come Peru!

Lock up your mother´s!!!

Donkey Island, whats in a name anyways?

This place (Isla del sol) could be called Donkey Island, there is that many donkeys and as i say that a calvery of them come down the path (i think they think they are Stallions, flash back to Shrek, when donkey turns into a Stallion, not an Italian one, but close enough)

Ok, they can keep the name Isla del sol (i am getting sunburned after all)
Donkey Island might not be the best tourism idea that has ever happened to Bolivia), oh here come some sheep, could we call it sheep island? I´ll be very good!!

And more donkeys, ah hell, i think i will call it ´Sunburn island´ (there is no treasure here, i dont care what any old map says, not that i can read them anyways)

My favourite place in the world is right here, right now (and my tan is coming along nicely)

Some things people wrote in my book............

There are things that are seen and things that are unseen, in between there are windows

There is a devil, there is no doubt. But is he trying to get in us or is he trying to get out?
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