Tuesday, 21 April 2009

El Choro treck, it was 71kms dont you know?

All videos are from the El Choro treck

I was thinking about one of those stories that always cheers me up. Met someone who told be about a chick that got off a subway train, her brother stayed on and before the doors closed, she said ´Best of luck anyways with that rape charge´ and a train full of people stared at him.

Now, does that girl have a good sense of humour or what? What about the comic timing, wont anyone think about the comic timing?

I read this somewhere
To think bad thoughts is the easiest thing in the world, if you leave your mind to itself it will spiral down to ever increasing unhappiness. To think good thoughts, however requires effort, this is what training and diciplin is about.

I would tend to agree.

In other news:
The president of Bolivia (south Americas first full blood netive Indian, coca grower, cocaine maker) came to the South side of the island today. Apperently all the women in the fields gave him a salute, Tulassi (my Kerry born Shaeman) gave the helicopter some stupid look as it flew by, the locals didn´t know what to think, which would have been a welcome change.

Evo had lunch on the hill in the posh restaurant, they kicked out all the Germans for him. He kicked out all the DEA for them, it´s a wonder there´s anyone here at all?

Hello am i talking to myself?

Met a Canadian chick living outside Vancouver, her great grandmother was Irish, on the way to Canada her parents died, the baby was left at the door at a French couples door and they called her ´Mariah ´, i told her the name was probably ´Maura´, no Irish person in those days was called ´Mariah´, if she has any kids, she can fix that one, me thinks?

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