Monday, 27 April 2009

All the signs are good for the Ayhuasca ceremony

The Ayhuasca ceremony is on for the full moon tomorrow (9/04/2009).

Tomorrow being the day of the warrior in the Myan calender, Maire from Canada did my Tarot cards.

It would appear, i am in the warrior mode and i was thinking of a book called ´The way of the peaceful warrior´ as she did my cards, all the signs are there (if you can read them, who needs GPS?

I remember reading some spiritutal belief, whenever you meet someone, it is because they have something to tell (there is a message they are supposed to tell you)

The Aussies did tell me about the Haikus poetery, might have to check it out.

When i got to Isla del sol with the 2 Aussies, i was telling them how i got out too much money and how i was goingto do a rap video and make it rain, except it was already raining, i know because my head was wet. So ended my bright rap career

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